Why are these men riding a miniramp?

Egbert's Mini

Haven’t you heard? Because it rains during the winter in Portland. Egbert’s got a micro-miniramp in his garage, complete with a low ceiling and pool coping. I swear this thing is less than 3 feet tall. Sometimes the amount of fun you can have is inversely proportional to the size of the transition. Pics after the jump.

Very cozy, but fun. This ramp pretty much takes up the whole (small) one car garage, with about 2 feet to spare between the door and the back of the narrow platform. And because it’s Portland, is has the requisite extensions and grind bar that can be added just to make it easier to slam. Click the pics to enlarge.

Rob is about to fakie his way back into the ramp.
Rob at Egbert's

Mike Egbert risks cracking his head on a roof support.
Egbert at Egbert's

Panda Pete. This is what happens when you cram 8 feet of skater in 5 feet of photograph.
Pete at Egbert's

Welcome to my spot. Rob BS air, Egbert throwing horns.
Rob at Egberts

Separated at birth: Pete and Dr Zoidberg

Rob with another BS air.
Rob at Egberts


  1. Somebody send these photos to my wife. My birthday is next week.

  2. Ha Ha! My hand looks messed up in that photo. I don’t even know what kind of style that is. That was a fun session.

    Hey Mark, maybe she can buy you a roof for Pier.

  3. Pete getting ready to throw down “the claw” when people get too close to his f-side rocks…

  4. Double A on February 9, 2007 - Reply

    bubble stick bubble stick!
    I have a white keyboard
    And the keys are VERY dirty
    body heaters
    rain beaters
    I can’t tell if youz guys are gangsta
    or pimps!
    Yall make me laugh to myself
    I’m listening to stereolab
    thanks for sharing, and all that

  5. If a comment written by a human is indistinguishable from machine spam doesn’t that make it spam? Now about that Cialis, Double A.

  6. I need to bring some Innes treats for that banner being up-

  7. Benji G gets full credit for making that rall jam thing happen. I’ll post up some video sometime. Oh, and it is 2.5′ tall, so you are correct sir.

  8. I’ve got a Crail-tap for that ramp. Why wasn’t I invited Eg?

  9. 0-83 on the skate/invite scale.

  10. […] 15′ wide, 3′ tall with about 8 feet of headroom at the highest point. I’ve seen much smaller situation work before. The house immediately to my right has a bigger garage that has a much taller […]

  11. ryan kow on November 3, 2008 - Reply

    yo how do you set pool coping? is it glued or what?

  12. E2dapb on March 19, 2012 - Reply

    I Need these plans, I wanna put one in my garage.

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