Vert skating is over, street skating is over, downhill is over


…skateboarding with wheels and trucks is over. This is apparently from a Denver shop video. I’m sure street skaters look at this guy the way vert skaters react to the Danny Way stunts but then again, I don’t understand modern street skating.

William Spencer – Hollorado

One day, maybe about 1976, my friends and I met this dude who had really good high-jump skills. The guy could hippy jump a shopping cart! He could also wheelie a bike until the front wheel stopped turning, around corners, whatever. He once talked me into a twenty-mile skateboarding excursion. He would get pretty excited and spittle would fly when he talked. Kind of a strange guy but you had to respect his skills. The guy in this video could have been grown in a vat from Craig G’s cells.

Can you imagine deciding to try that last stunt?


  1. this is like parkour crossed with skating. some of its dopey but alot of that is very innovative, it’s about time!

  2. There’s more bonless and transfer variations than a 1986 streetsytle contest. I think it’s all excellent. It doesn’t all have to be serious and gnar. If you can’t have a little fun when skating, then what’s the point? It’s obvious he’s got skills, but he’s also got imagination. Good video.

  3. The layback down the handrail has been a long time coming, then again I don’t really pay that much attention to what’s going on- it could be yesterdays news for all I know….

  4. p.s. how about a headcount of dudes that used to do Caveman slides? I did ’em all over campus, I think I got the idea from a Rocco Trick Tips…anyone?? BTW If you did ’em right there was no chance of snapping a deck like the unitiated would think…

  5. gioforeal on February 7, 2007 - Reply

    Yo dude is sick wit it.A lot of skaters would be hard pressed to pull any of this stuff.

  6. This is the kind of fun I used to remember having when out street skating, but that I haven’t really seen since, what, 1989?

    Let’s hear it for the end of “too cool to do anything not considered hip” skateboarding, and the return of “have fun and don’t give a rat’s ass what’s cool” dork sessions.

    I think Neil Blender would approve.


  7. Yeah! Dork sessions for everyone! I’m buying.

  8. You know that front flip at the end. He tried like 10 times before landing it. he has balls to keep trying till he did it.

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