Slow news day: 45-year-old skateboarder backs up traffic

45-year-old skateboarder backs up traffic

Dateline: Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville Citizen-Times has a reporter on the scene covering this important story. This is stuff of Pulitzer Prizes! The headline: 45-year-old skateboarder backs up traffic. 45-year-old skateboarder backs up traffic
Asheville Citizen-Times

A 45-year-old Waynesville man skateboarding down Main Street on Feb. 12 backed up traffic and received a citation from police. Waynesville Police charged Mark Anthony Mounce, 45, 64 Pigeon St. Apt. 64, Waynesville, with misdemeanor skateboarding on the street after watching the man weave back and forth on the street on his skateboard. Mounce was released on a written promise to appear in court.

A police officer spotted Mounce skateboarding in the travel lane on North Main Street with a line of vehicles backed up behind him, including the officer’s, a report stated. Mounce laid down on his skateboard and made a wide sweeping turn, crossing over the center line to the left before turning right again across the travel lane, the report stated. The officer activated his car’s blue lights and called the man over to him, informing Mounce that he was violating a city ordinance by skateboarding in the street.

I’m not sure why the man’s age is so important to the story. Perhaps the citizens of Asheville find it noteworthy that a 45 year old man still skateboards. I’m sure this guy will be catching flack from neighbors and relatives alike. They even give his address in the report. Check the story comments for this bit of enlightenment:

Looks like the loser weirdos that have been infesting Asheville are headed your way Waynesville.

Ah, to live and love in Haywood County NC. It’s just a guess, but I’ll bet he was on a board with an extended wheelbase. Longboard shot from The Longboard Store.


  1. nweyesk8 on February 25, 2007 - Reply

    we should send him an officail letter of recomendation

  2. Some sort of award is in order for sure.

  3. He probably had his turn signal going the whole time too.

  4. SidStoked on March 31, 2009 - Reply

    “Looks like the loser weirdos that have been infesting Asheville are headed your way Waynesville.”


    North Carolina is GORGEOUS. But its too bad that all you rednecks out there are **** inbred morons. There’s NOTHING wrong with a grown man doing what he loves.

    I LOVE working on and racing muscle cars, AND I LOVE SKATEBOARDING. I doubt you’d pull over a 1970 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner for doing the same.
    Instead, everyone in town, INCLUDING the pigs (who probably have other passions as well as hot rods of their own) would stop and take pictures of the gorgeous beast.

    you red state losers make me sick.


    ALL politicians are just as inbred as you hicks.

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