Shy 12-year-old pupil with skateboard was pedophile aged 29


He wore make-up and shaved body hair.” Yeah, Err.. uhm.. I went through a phase like that once too, but it was in order to pick up new wave chicks.

Teachers said that he was an average pupil with a poor attendance record who sometimes handed in homework, while neighbours remember him building skateboard ramps and doing wheelies on his bike on the streets around his suburban home.

Since we like to entertain and educate, did you know you could spell “pedophile” like “paedophile” as well? More skateboard crime after the jump.

Shy 12-year-old pupil with skateboard was paedophile aged 29
From the Times Online

Hey! Arizona made the news all the way in the UK! Gary Glitter must be on good behavior. Good god, this guy is beyond weirdo. It turns out he also somehow convinced two old dudes that he was 12 and moved in with them? I mean, where did they think his parents were? Anyway, they got busted trying to enroll him in a school. And when they found out that they had been having sex with a 29 year old man instead of molesting a 12 year old boy they were actually upset. I’m so happy skateboarding got mentioned in the headline.

Yuck! And on to slightly less sordid afairs…

Police Investigate 2 Skateboard Beatings – Jacksonville,FL,USA
Police are looking into two strikingly similar attacks on two teens who said they are the victims of vicious skateboard beatings.

Pistol-waving youth warned
Victoria News – Victoria BC, CANADA
Yet another warning about the potential dangers of replica guns was issued by police this week, after a teenage boy waving around a Beretta-style, soft-pellet pistol was taken into custody near the Vic West skateboard park.

Nine guilty in Halloween attack
Long Beach Press-Telegram – Long Beach,CA,USA
At right, Morris Griffin holds a skateboard outside the Long Beach Courthouse before the verdicts were announced in the case on Friday. …

Beating victims call for harsh sentences
Long Beach Press-Telegram – Long Beach,CA,USA
Three young white women attacked by a mob of black teens on Halloween made anguished pleas to Long Beach Superior Court Judge Gibson Lee Wednesday, imploring the court to deliver the harshest sentence possible for nine local teens convicted in the case.


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