Pop Swatch – Welinder, Mullen, and Mountain

Pop Swatch Promo

Get out your overpriced plastic watches and put on at least three of them RIGHT NOW!!! Swatch used to sponsor an extreme sports like tour before it was, you know, Extreme!â„¢ It was purely spectacle, no contest. There was BMX and roller skaters in addition to skateboards. Bands? Seems like it but I might be confusing it with one of the old Vision Street Wear tours. They also used Per Welinder, Rodney Mullen, and Lance Mountain in one of those in store promo videos. You might think it strange that I listed those Bones Brigaders in that order, but that’s representative of their respective footage totals. Apparently, someone at Swatch had a thing for Per. Mullens’ stuff is impossible, and Lance is barely in it. It’s three minutes and thirty seconds of pure 80’s synthesized drums and keyboard soundtrack. Odds are that Stacy Peralta was on the production team and Dennis Dragon did the soundtrack. Catch this video from 1987 after the jump.

1987 POP Swatch Promo Video

Remember when they had the scented watch bands that would discolor and start to stink after a month? What? I never had one either, just the old school Swatches man. I swear. Oh wait, that still makes me uncool. I had a Tracker watch knock-off. Aiee! That’s even worse.


  1. veteranosk8(john aguilar) on February 3, 2007 - Reply

    dude!! even worse!! i had a G&S watch!!!eekk

  2. That video suggests that a boy would make a good girlfriend.

  3. I’ve still got a Tracker watch. In its package no less.

  4. I remember my brother and I standing around watching this at Nordstrom (or was it Meier & Frank?). At the time I was just stoked to see ANYTHING skate-related. Hard to imagine a time now when that was such a rarity.

    I fully admit, I’m wearing my original 1987 Swatch right now. But it’s a normal watch, not a Pop-Swatch! And it’s black! And it actually has numbers on it!

    Doesn’t matter, I still ended up as one of those H.O.M.O.S. anyway.

  5. Hi, I posted that video on youtube. There’s also a version of the Swatch skate video but with Welinder, Mountain, and Hawk, to the same soundtrack score. I didn’t include it because mine was a Mullen project, but at some point I’ll transfer that footage as well.

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