The Skateboard Industry Under Fire: IASC fights back.

IASC Under Fire

Under Fire: A Special Report On The State Of Skate Hardgoods is brought to you by the International Association Of Skateboard Companies and is produced in conjunction With TransWorld Business and TransWorld SKATEboarding

The IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) and Transworld Business have included an insert in the latest issue of the industry rag Transworld Business. It’s a marketing piece designed to promote the purchase of branded boards over blanks and shop boards. It didn’t stop Transworld from accepting quite a few ads for companies advertising OEM services to make those evil boards in the same issue. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

I am officially starting a “War on Blanks” category now. If you haven’t seen it, you can download a pretty PDF straight from the horse’s mouth, view it online as a series of images here, or read view it as web pages through the links below.

The Motherload
IASC Under Fire Pretty much the same thing you’ll see if you scroll down, only with more clutter. You can take that either way.

A Time For Change
Miki Vukovich introduces the skateboard industry’s special report.

Tod Swank Founder And President, Tum Yeto, Inc.
John Lucero President, Black Label Skateboards
Bod Boyle President, Dwindle Distribution
Jamie Thomas President, Black Box Distribution
Per Welinder President, Blitz Distribution
Dan Magee and Joe Burlo Co-Owners, Blueprint Skateboards
Al Boglio Brand Director, Cliché
Jeremy Fox President, Flip Skateboards
Johnny Schillereff Founder and President, Element Skateboards
Bob Denike President, NHS, INC.
Colin McKay Pro and Co-Owner Plan B Skateboards
Chris Carter President, DNA Distribution
Jim Thiebaud Vice President, Deluxe Distribution

Retailer Roundtable

Voices From The Industry
Mark Whiteley Slap Magazine Editor.

The Pros Weigh In
Bam, Muska, Mike V, Danny Way and others give their perspective on the blank issue.

A Call To Action

Take Action For Change

Topics To Consider Skateboarding’s Call To Action


  1. […] Skate and Annoy has a good breakdown of Under Fire: A Special Report On The State Of Skate Hardgoods from the International Association Of Skateboard Companies and produced in conjunction With TransWorld Business and TransWorld SKATEboarding. […]

  2. […] first being Geoff Rowley’s “Guest Ed” column, which read more like a motivational IASC round table presentation than something written to inspire […]

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