Battle for Battle Ground

Battle Ground Washington

Thor was good enough to brave the wrath of John Dalton to give us a photo essay progress report on Battle Ground Washington’s skate park. Looks like it’s getting close. This looks like it will be a great park for riders of different disciplines to mix. Street brethren, bowl bros, we can all get along. Check it out.


  1. Hurry! Thanks for the update Thor!

  2. Just some FYI……this will be a BMX friendly park. If any skaters have a problem with that go cry to your mommy. This park is huge and there is enouf room for us all. Im a local of BattleGround so expect to see me there.

  3. Way to reach out with the olive branch of peace. The only person crying here seems to be you.

  4. What’s the hardest thing about riding BMX in a skatepark?

  5. i’m calling my mother right now … in tears…

  6. nweyesk8 on February 27, 2007 - Reply

    uhhhh… the lack of a BMX track?

  7. I just brought it up because I run into asshat skaters all the time who complain about BMX’ers. Theres accually a Semi-pro skater around St.Johns in OR trying to get a petition started to remove BMX from the park even though nothing happened. Skaters at Burnside are dicks all the time also. I used to skate for 3 years and never had a problem with BMX but now that im on the otherside looking in I see skaters are way to political and always bitch about nothing in the long run. I wouldent even had left the eariler comment if it wasn’t for a skater from this website saying BattleGround-Park wasn’t going to be BMX friendly on another site who mentioned he had the support of people from this web-site.

  8. JB -Ok first, half of your sentences don’t make sense. Second you can’t spell. Third your posts have a badass attitude that makes trouble and bad vibes happen. As for the rest, skaters at Burnside built the park and have every right to regulate on bmxers who try to ride there, and bmxers who bring attitude are guaranteed to get it back. Skaters tend to not welcome bmx at their parks for several reasons. 1) Bmx and skating simply don’t mix. They go at different speeds and use different lines and in a collision the skater is most likely to be the one hurt. We don’t feel safe not knowing when we will be blindsided or impaled by a big steel bike. 2) Bmx bikes can inflict severe damage not only to skaters but the skateparks as well. There’s way too many parks where the coping is chewed up by pegs or where there are divots in the tranny from dropped bikes. Bikes go in the dirt and back on the crete and spread grit all over. 3) In 30 years of skating i have never ridden anything built by bmxers. Bmxers always tend to show up at spots built by skaters after all the work is done. These are a few reasons bmxers tend to incur a bad vibe from skateboarders. Still i have been able to share a session with bikers and have a good time so long as they are cool. Problem is too often the bmx guys show up with attitude of their own, based pretty much on being bitter because skaters won’t share their spots. Well guess what? If skaters build a spot or get it built that makes it a SKATE spot. If they don’t want to share they don’t have to. If the skaters are kind enough to share you should be grateful and not take it for granted like you are entitled to ride wherever and whenever you want. If a spot is open to bikes that’s different (still not gonna help to be vibing) but I get attitude from bmx guys even at skateparks where bikes are not allowed. If you really want to get along and avoid confrontation with skaters, you better check your attitude. Besides you guys got those big soft wheels that go great on dirt. If i was bmx I would grab a pick and shovel and build some insane jumps and berms in the woods with my friends and not even bother trying to deal with the skatepark circus. There’s ALWAYS gonna be skaters at the skatepark that have antiBMX attitude; there’s just too much bad history between us. If you really want to go there and have a good time you gotta expect it and try to ignore it. Try not to throw a bunch of attitude of your own or intimidate people, and try to be respectful. You could find out we are not all haters. Or you could continue with namecalling and provocation and probably never have a fun stress-free day at the park and probably get in a few fights and probably incur some wheel/bike damage. Because you are right. There are a lot of skaters that hate bmx. But remember, if there were no skateboarders there would be no skateparks and you would be racing around the dirt track.

  9. Lol. This isnt Jason. I dont have a badass attitude and I was responding to an asshole claiming to B from this web-site. The fact you wrote a book “lmao” proves my point.

  10. nweyesk8 on February 28, 2007 - Reply

    why is this bmxr so concerned with a distinctly skateboarder run website that he has to visit three times in one day to defend himself and his viewpoint.Are we suppossed to feel some minor amount of pity for this self proclaimed ex-skateboarder. Obviously skateboarding requires more devotion, desire and physical prowess than he could muster and with this life changing revelation he turned to the option of riding something he could sit upon and grasp tightly to keep from falling off.

  11. JB – Again, the only person complaining about skaters and BMX on this site is you. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else here, and as editor I should know. Who is the mystery person claiming to be from this site? Sounds suspect to me.

  12. What’s “Imao”? I am not so webucated. I was just trying to give you an understanding of where the vibe comes from and provide you with the means to enjoy the new park in your town without a bunch of trouble. Your posts certainly do convey a badass attitude. Good luck to you, Not Jason.

  13. houseofneil on February 28, 2007 - Reply

    lmao=laughing my ass off

  14. The Dick on March 2, 2007 - Reply

    Jason Black and your bike can go pound sand.
    I think you should quit being a pussy and just fu and ride.
    I hate bikes and I really hate bikers that act like cry baby bitches who grew up fatherless. It’s not my fault your mom spread her legs and let the best part of you run down the crack of her ass.
    I invite all you biker bitches to come on down and get it on… I like my face smashed once in a while. I like my nose bleeding, and I don’t mind trying to pick up some of my teeth with my eyes swollen shut. That’s a good day in my book.
    I went up to that PO dunk town, I even saw the empty skate shop that wants to cash in on some lame fad, skateboarding…Let’s see if that skate shop that isn’t open wants to stay open, they need to include bikes. I used to buy my skateboards in a bike shop back in the day.
    I’m going to go play with some of my new guns…thank you Oregon. I love this state, we can carry concealed weapons and we can have silencers if we so choose. I just haven’t figured out the law on gernades.

  15. Last weekend at Battleground. Well you skaters are making a good name for yourselfs already. When 2 skaters tried to skate the park before it was open they were chased by a cop, who in turn got his cop car stuck in the mud and had to get towed out. Battleground Cops have had to kick out over 2 dozen skaters in the past 2 weeks out of the park but havent had 1 problem with BMX. Keep it up, the more skaters that get 86’ed from there the better.

  16. Check out MC’s latest pic of Battleground. I see at least two bikes in the park. I guess excitement about a rad new skatepark isn’t just a skater issue.

  17. There have been more bikers and skooters than skaters every time I have been out there.

  18. There were eight kids in there on bikes when I showed up to take pictures – zero skateboarders. A few kids with skateboards showed up before I left. There were a lot more kids on bikes. No static. If the only skateboarders are getting kicked out, it’s because the cops are not showing up not because more skaters are barging.

  19. I have heard required pegs are allowed at this park. Who came up with this Moronic rule??? Don’t you winny skaters realize we will just abandon pegs all together and grind on our axle-nuts. If you think a normal peg does more damage than a axle-nut think again, because mine are titanium and I plan to kick the living piss out of this park with axle-nuts till this rule is lifted. Im willing to bet this rule was made up due to skaters crying & complaining about BMX’ers damaging parks which is total bullshit. Make things that arnt coped off limits to pegs because in 22 parks in Oregon only non-coped materials are damaged. Many of you Skaters are pussys, you have no problem smoking pot or breaking any other law in the world, but will call a cop in a heart beat over a BMXer. Im just glad I have friends like Matt Beach who doesn’t have his head up his ass politicaly and can just go ride. Special Pegs….wtf.

  20. Good point about the axle nuts.

    There is plenty of documentation of skatepark coping being damaged by bike use. I have heard there are plastic peg covers that work pretty well and aren’t as hard on the pool coping. Seems like you would want to preserve the resource.

    If more bikers worked to raise money and get parks built like they did in Madras, Oregon, skaters would be a lot more welcoming.

  21. Plastic pegs are dangerous, they get hung up, untill they make them with Teflon im not using them. Trust me, when you see what Titanium Axle-nuts do to coping, you will wish they allowed regular pegs. Just ban pegs on the back pool that has no coping and the concrete barrier. Thoes are the only things regular pegs would damage there. Its not a New Born Baby, its a EXTREME SPORTS PARK, not a place where unessary rules should inhibit peoples abilitys.

  22. Ha ha! You said Extreme™

  23. “yeah, we wreck shit. we know it and we don’t care. we’re gonna wreck it on purpose so you skaters will be bummed”

    you do know that anyone can read this, right? way to slit your own throat, smart guy.

  24. That’s it smart guy. Showdown in the bowl. We’ll settle this with high airs.

  25. Bmxers are Fags! You morons should build your own parks and quit wrecking our parks. After all it is a “skate” park, not a bike park. In the end you fucks are going to ruin it for everybody and there will be no more parks being built. Thats fine with me because skaters will build their own spots and when you pussy bmxers try and come to ride it (because you never build your own spots you just ruin everybody elses) we will jump you and stab you in the heart with your pegs. hahha

  26. After many complaints, the peg rule has been lifted. First you skaters complained about us in the park, then it was our pegs. Now what are you gonna complain about?? I think many of you are just mad we can use the park more than you can on our bikes, or mabey im wrong. Beaverton Park is coped and made out of wood with no damage in 5+ years, so quit bitching about the bikes and just ride. And theres no documented evidence of bikes hurting parks, get a fuckin life, who are you Michael Moore??? Just ride your fuckin skates and shut up.

  27. isn’t the whole point of BMX riding on dirt tracks? So go the fuck back there.

  28. warehouse on April 8, 2007 - Reply

    Pegs! The bikes here in Van don’t use them. The BMXicans have a park ( Hastings) that they have pretty much taken over. The sign says no bikes but its not enforced, much!
    BMX riders seem like they are trying not to wreck the park and perhaps the style of riding here is different but no one using pegs in this park. Maybe when you BMX guys are in a park with coping that can get wrecked you simply stay off of the pegs and you won’t get so much grief.
    Start a fight with the skaters and you will loose! Make some compromises when you are on skaters turf and the best you can hope for is to be tolerated.

  29. This web site is called “Skate & Annoy ” right??? Should be called “Skate & Wine like Bitches” because this is all you skater-homo’s do. The fact is, BattleGround was paid for by tax payers, who some of which happen to ride bikes. So it doesnt matter if the park was built by skaters, its public, which means all skaters can eat a dick because BMX’ers will be there, pegs and all. And to respond to the comment made by “WareHouse”, skaters get the shit kicked out of them constantly in Portland OR, your not Zeus with a piece of plywood & metal. I’ve broken at least 8 boards I can remember and it was all because some smart ass skater was running his mouth and not just riding. So the moral of this story is, “SHUT THE FUCK UP, RIDE YOUR SKATES,AND WE WILL TRY THE BEST NOT TO GET IN YOUR LINE” because if ya don’t I have no problem breakin your shit. Im 6′ 4″-200pnds and I WILL fuck YOU in your ass with your own trucks.

  30. I’ve said it before…


    Let’s pretend we’re not here. If we don’t answer the door, maybe A BMX rider will go back to his own web site.

  31. God, I hope that guy can ride. Nothing worse than a guy with a huge chatroom personality piddling around the park doing fucking 5050s or peg grinds.

  32. If the scene at Battle Ground turns out to be too intimidating, Vancouver is closer and should be done pretty soon after the BG opening.

  33. bgbrent on May 8, 2007 - Reply

    A little thing for all the skaters. you know how there is a really nice bowl set up and snake run at the bg park right? well the skaters that went to the meetings didnt want bowls they all wanted rails and ledges, but me and my biker friends didnt like that and demanded bowls. so if it wasnt for some bikers you skaters wouldnt have the bowls to ride.

    and same for the bitchy bikers who think there better than skaters. if you come to that park with a bad vibe i can guarantee that you will get checked.

    so ride hard and have fun.

  34. Thanks for the foresight bgbrent. Looking forward to riding it. That park’s big enough for everyone. See you there!

  35. Sounds like we owe the Battle Ground bike dudes a debt of gratitude. Thanks you guys.

  36. LittleBear on May 12, 2007 - Reply

    Despite all of this bullshit

    We are all going to have a blast

    see all of you there

    JUNE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. sk4t3r_chick on May 31, 2007 - Reply

    All u fucking BMXers shud get a life ur all fucking pussies and ur all talk its called a skatepark for a reason!!

    SKATE!! park. i got started by 4 BMXers just cause one of them got in my way and i nearly got mugged by 1, BMXers have no respect and plus, u run into US, and u can turn away alot esier than us, u faggots are losers u always come in packs and block the funboxes and pyramids and all go grow sum ballz u fuck heads i BMXers shud all die!!!

  38. You’re going to have to learn to live with BMX at Battleground. I’ve been there a few times, and BMX and skaters getting along fine. It’s the little kids on bikes that are getting in the way, hardly what I call real BMXers.It’s more a function of them being stupid kids than what they ride. If they were on skateboards they’d still be clueless and in the way.

    It’s pointless to try and provoke people on the web. If that’s how you truly feel, don’t hide on the internet, tell it to the BMXers in person the next time you go to Battleground.

  39. anthrBmxer on May 31, 2007 - Reply

    Hey sk4t3r chill! listen to bgbrent, conahan, and kilwag theyr the smart ones here have some consideration for the other people on the park most of them are there to have fun but theres always assholes in any crowd that goes for all the bmxers who are bitchin and screwing the rest of us

  40. Yeah, I think you should all just get over it and go to the park and have fun, dont bitch at eachother! I live in Battleground and have been to the skate park a few times and there isnt any shit going down there so if you guys come, dont bring your badass attitudes with you, just go to have fun!

    See you there on saturday!

  41. Dick Cancer on June 3, 2007 - Reply

    I was joking around as usual and I said …”Dreamland builds the best bike parks in the world” SO, to everyone that skates, scoots, boots, bikes, trikes, and just plane likes to pose at a skatepark, try and thank the hard working guys whose life it is to build the best parks in the WORLD. If it wasn’t for those individuals, you would be sucking hind tit, and riding stupid shit like they build in California. As for the tude of bikes up here in the NW it seems fairly fine, compared to those deviant, backwoods, hillbilly, ass entered bee otches down in Grants Pass!!!

  42. nweyesk8 on June 3, 2007 - Reply


  43. Dick Cancer on June 3, 2007 - Reply

    WOW! That skate chic got STARTED by 4 bmx’ers. What does getting STARTED mean these days??? When I get STARTED, it’s usually getting STARTED doing something. LIKE, I got STARTED kissing a girl, then I STARTED to move my right hand up her shirt, then with my left hand I STARTED to grab her buttocks, as I continued with the groping, I STARTED to get an errection, then I quit the groping and STARTED to unbutton her pants, then I STARTED to pull her pants down, this is when the real fun begins. After her pants and panties were off, I STARTED to bend her over and STARTED to……insert……I love skate and annoy.

  44. Trmax on June 3, 2007 - Reply

    This is to funny, I have heard it all before. Lets just go skate, and stay the hell out of big Grovers way.

  45. wow, i got sick of reading all the complaints. i grew up riding with bikers in ft. wayne, indiana. have allot of good friends who are bikers, but to say pegs dont fuck shit up… who are you trying to fool. and maybe allot of people dont realize it, but when bikers dont ride pegs they use their axles, as dumb fuck stated earlier. they also use there peddles. and the pegs dont fuck up the coping as much as the concrete. indianapolis’s park got all fucked up from the pegs. concrete was broken from under the coping. they had a good idea on fixing it, but the company fucked it all up.
    but i dont think the antimosity comes from the use of pegs. i think it comes from the lack of respect the biker shows. and im not saying that skaters are saints. ive met allot of douche bag skaters in my life. plus, if youve ever been ran into by a biker, there’s probably a certain fear of getting hit again. and lets face it, ya dont ride a bike, ya dont want to fall on one, or be injured by one.
    i have no problem with bikers that have respect. dont walk around with a chip on your shoulder acting like everyone owes you something and cry about “the skaters dont like me, there dicks at burnside, waaaa”… burnside was built by skaters, with there bare hands. it wasnt paid for by the city. it was renegade, 101% skateboards…sweat and blood. you ride in there and start acting like you own the place, and cutting off skaters and ya, act like a dick, get treated like one.
    just shut up, have some respect, and ride.

  46. If this thread’s still active, has some footy of the B.G. opening day festivities. Right on the homepage, just scroll about halfway down the Junk Drawer. Sorry, no bikes.

  47. baldy on June 9, 2007 - Reply

    Here’s the link to the video.. WTF is Collin Sharp? A professional (board) tosser? video

  48. sk4t3r_chick on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    death to BMXers.. giggle

  49. vans_w0otsk8 on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    yea i go with sk8r chik
    bmxers always come to parks in packs riding around like they own the place and block everything in the way.
    and yea i have no problem with the BMXers that have some respect and dont block everything and wen u run into them they say piss of ya dick head.

  50. blank plank on August 31, 2007 - Reply

    maybe we should combine skate park and bike park together to make both bitchy bikers and skaters happy as one whole it will be “skike park”……………..resolved

  51. blank plank on August 31, 2007 - Reply

    i ride bmx and skate boards (not at the same time, im not that talented yet) so i see both sides of this on going fag battle and honestly, we should all be happy we arent in the school orchestra or on the chess team, black panther SALUTE

  52. maybe BMXers would SHOW UP AT SKATEPARK MEETINGS rather than POACH and then BITCH….

  53. BMX action is responsible for the big bowls in Vancouver. Vancouver has the BMX Action mobilized. Thanks guys!

  54. Bobcat, I think you’re confusing BMXers with street plaza advocates.

  55. Poach N' Bitch on August 31, 2007 - Reply

    I used to skate, now I am 250lbs and I need something with a seat. You’d better stay out of my way cause I’ll be wearing an ipod and running dildo shaped pegs that don’t damage concrete anymore than skateboard trucks. Without me there would be no skateparks.

  56. bikes are for dykes, ride 215’s bitch!!!

  57. benny b bones on August 19, 2008 - Reply

    Starting to see pattern here. Are you all so self-centered that you don’t give a fuck about the rest of the world or are you all just broke ass losers who can’t afford to leave the Northwest?

  58. Pegs & Pool Coping or(concrete edge)= Don’t Mix
    Burnside & Marginal Way= No Bikes
    Don’t be mad, there is plenty of places to ride & have respect for each other.
    If a Rider knows whats up! then he knows when, and where to ride, if you don’t understand= your clueless.
    Breaking Skaters Boards? you really don’t hear of skateboarders slashing bike tires or bending your rims?
    Maby skateboarders are more accepting of Bikes, sounds like an aggression problem, Don’t let me ever see that.
    Break my Board= Break your Bike etc..

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