A Commercial a Day – Day 9: Capri Slims

Capri Slims Commercial

I’m a little confused on this commercial for Capri Slims from 1995. We don’t allow cigarette commercials on TV in the U.S., but I don’t know what’s the norm in Canada. Lisa Whitaker was the stunt double for this commercial and she posted it. I contacted her for more info but it’s been over a week with no word yet. This commercial follows the typical “creative person amidst a sea of stuffed shirts finds an unusual way to take care of business.” Actually, it’s almost exactly like a Mentos commercial, except Capri Slims aren’t exactly a freshmaker. There’s nothing hotter than a barefoot career woman reeking of polyester, pantyhose, and cigarette smoke. Watch the commercial after the jump.

Capri Slims “Skateboard” Commercial (1995)

Judging from Lisa’s other video posts, if this was shot in 1995, she was quite a bit younger than the person she was stunt doubling. In fact in the hallway shot skating to the camera she clearly looks like a different person. She probably wasn’t even old enough to actually buy cigarettes. Notice the screeching car tire sound effects dubbed over as skateboarding noise. Also classic (besides the song in the soundtrack) is the shot of the dumpy office hags being handed a skateboard and looking at it as if it is a pair of soiled underpants. At first you get the impression that she might be important, but the main character is far from being an integral part of the meeting she is skating to. It turns out she’s just delivering papers and not even sticking around for the presentation. Maybe smoking up will help our heroine break through the glass ceiling. Lisa, if you are out there, contact us. We want to know what the whole experience was like.

UPDATE: Sometimes I am not so quick on the uptake. I didn’t register that this commercial features the same person who took the the Bunnies photo I posted a few days earlier. Lisa Whitaker is currently involved with something called The Side Project, whose tagline reads “Girls Skateboarding Network.”


  1. nweyesk8 on February 22, 2007 - Reply

    yeah, it needs a dub-over ending in “mentos”

  2. They have the shrug, they need a Capri-Slims thumbs up gesture.

  3. capri 100’s, the deathmaker.

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