Winter Sucks…

West Linn Aerial View

Unless you happen to be around PDX right now, in which case winter is fully on vacation and spring is in command. Sessions have been happening daily at Pier, West Linn and every other concrete shrine around Oregon over the past week as a nice, sunny high pressure system has delivered clear blue skies and a complete lack of precip of any kind.

Friday myself, Capozzi and Jon Brown headed out to West Linn for it’s first dry day in a while. Rebel Chuck was there, along with a few of the locals. It felt very good to grind around that corner again. The fall from the top to crushing hip blow didn’t feel good, but sometimes that’s the price you pay.

The coping at West Linn is awesome. It’s that right mix of concrete pool coping gnar, but still in shape enough to move through. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not steel pipe, but you can get through it with enough inertia and speed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Capozzi worked out body jars while Brown flew around, frustrating the children with his runs that emcopass the entire park. The fact that he does this in slacks and a blue dress shirt frustrate them even more.

“Do you rock the party?” a kid asked me. I said “What?”. He said it again. I said “No, I doubt it.” He walked away and left me alone, for sure disappointed in my inabilities to completely rock the party. Damn, I must be old.

Today, it’s back to Pier for me with J.P. and Capozzi (and many others). Some are out on a secretive pool mission followed by a stop by Aumsville. Good luck to the hunters.



  1. Spring is definitely coming. I was down in Salem/Aumsville today and saw lots of geese flying North.

    I wonder if that Rock the Party was like a dude in Amsterdam asking if you know where the train station is — apparently a solicitation for a homosexual dalliance.

  2. you should have asked that kid, “why, am I your dad?” Instead of being disappointed he would have been confused for days.

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