Take control of your culture?

Snickers Instadef

If you don’t take control of your culture, those who only care about the gold and platinum will.

That’s the message of this video series called Instant Def, which is a Snickers viral marketing web site. The story line focuses on hip hop being taken over by money-hungry industry types. Ironically, they cast the Black Eyed Peas, a group that will whore itself out to anything from TV commercials to supermarket grand openings. The production design is sharp, but the story, music and most of the performances are weak. On the plus side, Bootsy Collins shows up in episode 2 and again in episode 5. Speaking of taking control of your culture, they use a dog on a flying skateboard and a couple evil midgets little persons, one of them on a skateboard too. Ahh, the delicious irony. Delicious? I love Snickers, but they sure wasted a bunch of money for something lame. I’m not sure about their connection with the hip hop community, but I’m sure the Peas massive street cred will help. Skip ahead to the finale, which has the skateboard action and is also the most entertaining. More screen caps after the jump. [Source: Media Mindfulness]

If any of this turns up on you tube, someone please leave a comment. Right now it’s only showing up on the Instant Def web site, which is full of Gratuitous Flash animation. Seriously? Instant Def? That’s the best name they could come up with? Does anyone else think Fergie is looking a little haggard these days? She’s got the bod and all but sheesh… The tall skinny guy in the peas is still freaky looking.

Snickers Instant Def

At least Boosty is cool.
Snickers Instant Def

Limited stunt action, so Wee Man was not needed.
Snickers Instant Def

Mining the Mothership Connection. Did George Clinton sign off on this?
Snickers Instant Def

Excuse me. Has anyone seen Spuds MacKenzie? I heard there was a party (or a Tide commercial) somewhere near here.
Snickers Instant Def


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