OVER IT!!!!!

Over it!

Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog and the Puehse Twins. Yes, both are amazing and talented, and over exposed on the web. If you’re not sick of them yet, you will be when you’re done reading this… Oh, did I forget? Bam Margera!

Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog

This is not the same dog that tangled with Lance Mountain in Public Domain. (Why can’t I find that clip on the web?) That dog would have to be at least 20 years old by now. According to Tyson’s owner (or agent, it’s hard to tell) Tyson was born in 2001 and the two dogs are completely unconnected. The dog is a fricking genius, that’s for sure. I’ve seen dogs and cats that can sit on a skateboard, big deal. Like the dog from the Powell video, Tyson has mastered pushing, only better, and he’s the only creature (outside of that chimpanzee that was in Big Brother) who can manage to comprehend turning a skateboard. Heck, on his web site there is video of him negotiating speed wobbles for cryin’ out loud. Tyson has pretty amazing control for a dog. He’s appeared in TV commercials, movies (LOD) and even parades as seen below. He must be making some money, he has a fancy web site developed in Flash. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of photos and video there.

The Puehse Twins

Yeah, these kids are amazingly talented for 10 year olds, or older for that matter. Their video is turning up everywhere, and alas, we are part of the problem too. At first I thought they must have some proud parents. Turns out it’s more like proud agents than parents. It’s pretty apparent these kids are being positioned to be the next Tony Hawk Ryan Sheckler. Perhaps they should look to the Godoys for some mentoring? Maybe they could mentor the Godoy’s actually. The Puehse Twins have appeared on TV about a million times, and are currently doing film and commercial work. They’ve got sponsors and deals with Nike, not to mention two web sites, skateboardingtwins.com and puehsetwins.com. Puehsetwins.com is kind of an odd one, it has an affiliates section where you can apply to be an affiliate, and you have to log in to look at the gallery. It’s almost as if they are trying to build a social networking site using the kids as a brand. The thing about both of their sites is that they appear to be passive bystanders not actively involved except to appear as props in the videos and photos. Place your bets as to when they go to court to emancipate themselves from their parents. In any case, these kids are good, and I expect they will get better until you are even more sick of seeing them. Pay attention to those roll ins on the giant vert ramps. They are almost landing on the flat.

Bam Margera

Say what you will about him, but he leads the life we all wish we could. Who wouldn’t love to have a ton of money so you could dick around all day, skating whatever, whenever, wherever you wanted and having someone tag along to document it? A bunch of lackeys as friends, and beating on my father all the time? Well, I could do without that. He even got to be in a parade apparently.

WEST CHESTER – Brandon ‘Bam’ Margera rose from his carriage seat on Friday afternoon, lifted a skateboard with his right hand and basked in the screams and squeals coming from a mob of his loyal fans.[ Source: dailylocal.com]

It may be a fake story since the original source is a bunk link. It only turns up on one of those fake blogs made up of unrelated content that exist just to pull in searches from Google and serve ads. While researching parade footage of screaming Bam fans, I came across this embarassing, gushing, Bam Margera tribute that I hope was done by an adolescent girl (or boy) with a crush and not someone who actually skates.


  1. Maybe someone is trying to apply the Monkees or New Kids on the Block theory to the twins. In fact they’re not brothers, they’re gay! A chewy talent center wrapped in a rich marketing concept.

  2. Hey, I’m the webmaster of puehsetwins.com. Its actually only a fan site but the twins Dad sends me stuff to add to it.

    I’m not offended by your comments or anything, its actually a bit eye-opening to hear negative comments.

    What did you mean by bystanders in videos? Feel free to email me to chat about it, if you have ideas to make it better and whatnot 🙂

  3. there was a pic on the web a few weeks back of the twins that star in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody holding old school completes, so the Pus twins aren’t the only pre pubescent skate posing twins out there.

    I want to know what old school setup Tyson is riding? A Dressen pup perhaps?

  4. Natasha: OK, it makes a little more sense now. I didn’t realize it was an actual fan site, it seemed more of a fan site set up by someone close to the twins for the purpose of building up a buzz. By bystanders I mean that the kids don’t seem to be actively involved in either site. Kids know how to use the Internet these days (I get emails from my 8 year old nephew) so it seemed odd to me that the twins didn’t interact with these web sites at all. The sites are about them, but not for them, or with them. There’s a subtle difference that says a lot about the motivation. In your case, my misgivings wouldn’t apply to an actual unaffiliated fan-run site. I just got a weird vibe from Phuesetwins.com basically because I thought it was set up to market the twins instead of being an actual fan site. Having to log in to view pictures also threw me for a loop. It’s a cynical view, yes. It comes from having a long history with skateboarding, through thick and thin.

    To sum it up. Those kids are rad. I don’t begrudge them of anything, including the right to make money. I was merely commenting on what I perceived (wrongly or rightly) as the marketing of them as a commodity rather than a couple of kids having fun.

    Neil : The Puehse Twins aren’t posing by a long shot. They are accomplished skaters. Also, i find it weird that you know so much about pre-teen TV.

    On the Tyson web site, it says he’s sponsored by Bulldog Skateboards. Yes, that one.

  5. Fans, on the other hand, must be destroyed. Those who can’t do — document? I hope you’re a skater, Natasha otherwise the whole thing is kind of pre-teen idol. Who would win in a fight, the Puehse twins or Mary-Kate and Ashley at the same age?

  6. Yep, just a fansite, and I didn’t know them before I made the site. I saw them skateboard, and there used to be like nothing on their official site so I figured they needed something better 🙂

    The only reason I made people sign up for the gallery is just so their pictures wouldn’t be available to any person in the blink of an eye. Like some of the pictures are from Christmas, trips to Disneyland etc., so I thought it would be better to have people sign up, to have a bit of privacy. I might re-think that though, and maybe make the photos available to anyone.

    Affiliates are just a way to get your site more known (as far as I know). The people that apply are people with other fan sites, who want their button up on mine, and I’d like mine up on theirs. Surprisingly enough, a lot of hits on my site are from people finding through affiliates.

    and Conahan….I’m not a skater, I grew up around skateboarding (my cousin is sponsored by some companies and I used to watch him skate when I was little). I’m not a fan of the twins because they can act, sing or anything like that. I think they are truely awesome skateboarders, they are only 9 years old, imagine them at 15 or 16? They are going to kick some ass!

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