Is What it is – Consolidated – 1999


Is What it is from Consolidated Skateboards, circa 1999. I really enjoy these earlier Consolidated videos. It has a really good mix of Street and Vert throughout each persons part.

More about Consolidated Skateboards after the jump!

You might know of Consolidated because of their “Don’t Do It” campaign against Nike and Sporting Goods Chains attempting to capitalize off of Skateboarding. Consolidated Skateboards was started in 1992 by Steve Guisinger(aka Birdo), Steve Keenan, and Leticia Ruano. They have managed to keep the company afloat this entire time, sometimes having to sacrifice their own paycheck to cover some of the riders.

Click Here from an explanation of the “Don’t Do It Army” from Birdo, Consolidated’s owner.

I thought this was an interesting Comment from our own Editor:

Posted by: kilwag at July 18, 2006 12:28 PM

Well for those who dont know, selling shoes are one of the only things that helps keep independent shops in business, because we dont make shit on hardgoods. But on the other hand I do have an issue with Birdo making his decks in China and on the other hand leading the Dont Do It campaign. When other companies (tum yeto, Deluxe) making there shit USA.

They even have a Myspace page dedicated to the Don’t Do It Army.

Featured Skaters: Steve Bailey, Scott Bourne, Howard Cooke, Julian Dykmans, Tim Garner, Jason Jessee, Billy Kahn, Casey Lindstrom, Richard Paez, Alan Petersen, Jackson Taylor, Karma Tsocheff, Van Wastell, Neil Blender, John Cardiel, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Phillips, Mark “Gator” Rogowski, and Andy Roy

run time: 33 min 29 sec – Check it Out


  1. 1999. That would explain the vert! A lot of the videos from that era are interesting because the new street is coming to the forefront, but there’s still some vert action in the mix.

  2. I didn’t realize there was more to this post. I have to be careful what I post elsewhere! I barely remember making that, but I can’t remember where it was. Also, since then I’ve heard conflicting reports about whether or not Consolidated is having boards made in China. Someone set me straight if I’m wrong. I’ll eat crow.

  3. I guess the BS Drunks are made in China. What a strange Company Consolidated has become. Hypocrites?


    Here’s a really bad picture of the box

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