Does Sarcasm Sell?

As most of you know I work for DuFFS shoes, and recently I came across this little ditty on the web. I do remember laughing at the ads when they came out, and nothing has changed that vision. Even words like

Ads are Sexist, Violent and imply an endorsement of Pedophiles!

really don’t bother me when is comes to skateboarding. I mean its not like I’m skating with Michael Jackson at his house or inviting kids over to my house to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater for free shoes. Geez, where’s the humor in skateboarding gone?

DuFFS is all about sarcasm and poking fun. Sorry to ‘Ms Media Lady’ who always misses the point of a well-thought out advertising campaign. If you ask me, the first ads they did were genius, it took a wierd turn in the late 90’s, but now its back on point. Go see for yourself on the site.


  1. Where’s the blowup of this ad?

  2. I found it on this site- take a look for more media boycotts

  3. If a group like that is calling for a boycott of Duffs shoes that is probably the best publicity they could ask for. I imagine you will be selling a lot more shoes now Mike.

  4. To be fair they should also put a bunch of scantily clad dudes in cages. That would be sooo gay.

  5. Just checked out the website. Those ads would definitely be better if the dudes were dressed as playboy bunnies.

  6. I would pay top dollar to see you (Photographer) explaining the ad concept to the team. You would get shot, stuffed and put in a bunny suit and rolled down the street to huge curb cut for a trre flip session.

  7. jeff kendal on January 10, 2007 - Reply

    Why bunny outfits? Caged bunnies??? Tell the Duff advetisement geeks to use cat outfits and call it “caged pussy, come and get some”.
    Just recognize the brother, if you use that one. I have thousands, I should have an ad agency.
    I’ll also tell you Mr. Estes………….I’ll go down anyday and tell the Duff team my ad concept of them in bunny suits, no problem. It might get a little bloody, but the ad would be off the hook.

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