Australian man to Tod Swank: F U!

Worlds Biggest Skateboard in Australia

Australian man named Grant Hicks is challenging Tod Swank’s world’s largest skateboard record. Sure, there have been other contenders, and it’s not official yet, but Hick’s board is supposed to be 9 feet longer, and he’s documented the hell out of it with five of his own videos as well as an appearance on an Australian TV news program. If you’re only going to watch one of them, the TV one is your best bet. You’ll do a double-take when you hear how the anchorwoman’s thick Australian accent makes the word “deck” sound like a part of the male anatomy, leading to lots of juvenile fun with sentences like:

The father of three hopes the giant deck will help raise money for his local (unintelligible) saving club.” and

Seven month’s of hard work and Grant’s monster deck is around 9 feet longer than the current world record holders.

Wow! Dirk Diggler is rolling over in his grave. Catch all six videos after the jump.

Here’s the news piece.

The rest of these are apparently made by Grant Hicks himself, or someone in his family.


  1. Dude that thing is weak. It uses some kind of motorized controller for turning. Ours has real trucks that turn by the weight of the riders. WEAK! I don’t care how big it is. If it doesn’t turn and ride like a “skateboard” then it’s not a skateboard.
    The Official Guiness World Record Holder for World’s Biggest Skateboard #93263 Oct 4th, 2004 by Foundation Skateboardsâ„¢. Appearing in the 2006 Guiness Book of Records.

  2. Grant Hicks on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    Hey Tod, Guinness now recognises the board as the official WORLDS LARGEST SKATEBOARD.

    No motors to turn it, just the weight of the riders. Take a really good look at the trucks, the rear wheels has a disc brake setup, for safety, release the hand controller and it stops. I saw yours crashing into trees mate, that’s not safe.

  3. Grant Hicks on June 18, 2007 - Reply

    The official measurements of skateboard were:

    – 20 feet ¾ inch (6.11 metres) long
    – 4 feet 11 inches (1.5 metres) wide
    – 2 feet 11 ¾ inches (.91 metres) high

    Guinness World Records have been contacted and have approved the record claim No 178272

  4. And just for the record, I don’t really approve of the title of this article, I’ve never said FU to anyone….

  5. Sorry Grant, it was meant to conjure images of a man in Australia “giving the finger” to Tod Swank by destroying his world record. Humor, you know, much more invoking than the headline “Australian man beats Tod Swank’s record.” I think it’s fairly obvious that you didn’t actually say “F U” to him.

    It’s hard to get a good look at your rig via blurry YouTube. If you want to send in some pictures I’ll put them up for all to see.

  6. No worries Kilwag, totally understand. Tod’s board inspired me to go bigger so he helped as well in a small way. The steering geometry was really hard to suss out but I got a really smooth rig, just need to put some coilovers on to make it smoother to turn. Let me know how to get piccies to you and I’ll send in some stills..

  7. Editor@ this

  8. Sent you some words Kilwag

  9. […] a few pics and some details you can see after the jump. And to clarify, Grant only said FU! to Tod figuratively. […]

  10. jeremy on July 13, 2007 - Reply

    Well hey can enjoy his rocord while he has it.

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