Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

Merry X-treme-mas! Ho, ho, haaar! Here’s a wrap up of skateboard Christmas ornaments. Sorry Jews, Muslims, Mormans, Rastafarians, Pastafarians, Pan-Africans, etc… Nothing against you. Praise Jeebus and give thanks to Batman.

Not much of a selection actually. I thought it would be easier to find more skateboard Christmas ornaments on the web. First we’ll start with “serious” Xtreme ornaments. These are all available for purchase. The creepy looking action figure guy in a helmet is available from Fun-christmas-ornaments.com. The red and blue skateboard ornaments are made of blown glass and are available from Ornaments To Remember. Click the pics to enlarge.

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

Hey, nothing says Christmas like Hallmark Raccoons digging through your trash. These are two different shots of the same ornament originally released in 1985. Currently an eBay only purchase.

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

Next we have the Suns Gift Shop Hang Loose Santa, the Santa’s elf making a skateboard from the ever popular Online Discount Mart, and the Agape Bear Worlds Best Nephew, who also doubles as “kid (bear) most likely to get beat up at school.”

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

Scooby Doo sucks. So does this out-of-focus photo I took of a Scooby Doo on a skateboard x-mas ornament. I couldn’t find anyone actually selling it on the web, but my wife just bought it somewhere. Then there’s the Bart Simpson ornament available from What A Character.

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

More Bart Simpson. The first item is a Carlton Cards Christmas Cowabunga! ornament released in 1988. Here’s more eBay only stuff. Bart Simpson and Jimmy Neutron are supposed to be on skateboards, but the photos are so crappy that you can’t tell if they are just mislabeled snowboards. Bart is actually a hand painted and hand blown glass ornament by a small child in a factory in Asia guy named Kurt Adler. Actually that’s a company, and it is mislabled as a skateboard. There is a Kurt Adler Bart on a skateboard ornament, but it’s not hand blown. Reminds me of the Simpson episode where Bart says “I didn’t think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows.” What episode? Anyone?

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments

I saved the lamest for last. It’s too late to order them for this year, but there are a bunch of ornaments you can personalize, and they all look like crap craft. Phillip and Alex come from OrnamentShop.com. Alex is the guy doing a rocket-method air. Looks like a snowboarder to me. The bear is from PersonalizeFree.com. The kid in the blue hat is a Clay Creation, and the generic kid wearing every imaginable piece of safety gear is an ebay item.

Xtreme Christmas skateboard ornaments


  1. These are the gifts you get from mother-in-laws…

  2. english teacher on December 20, 2006 - Reply

    You mean mothers-in-law.

  3. I get novelty t-shirts like “Computer Wizz” with a cartoon of a guy peeing on a workstation.

    Oh! inspiration: decorate a tree entirely with old skateboard wheels!

    • I’ve got a coffee mug with that on it. The cartoon guy is such a troll. Makes me laugh every time.

  4. my mom sends me this kinda stuff every year, i got one with bullwinkle skating

  5. “You mean mothers-in-law.” -English Teacher

    Thanks teach… Isn’t that sentence a fragment?

  6. english teacher on December 28, 2006 - Reply

    dohh! You got me. We’re even.

  7. Nicole on April 9, 2007 - Reply

    well you know what?

    you suck.

    scooby doo does NOT suck.

    you do.

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