Tony Hawk makes you puke!

Tony Hawk's Big Spin

If you are already figuratively sick of Tony Hawk, this summer you can be literally sick of him on Tony Hawk’s Big Spin. At first I thought this picture of Tony inverted in the rendering above was just for illustration purposes, but when you watch the virtual ride through you’ll see there really is a giant rotating cutout of Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin appears to be a pretty standard roller coaster with the added stomach churning feature of Tony Hawk. Ha, ha! We kid! The real stomach churner is the fact that the cars appear to rotate as they go down the track. It’s like a combination of those teacup carnival rides on top of a roller coaster. It’s been done before on another extreme tie in appropriately called the Half Pipe that must have been the testing grounds. Apparently you can’t get sick enough in spinning cars on a roller coaster that just go back and forth.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin

Having a giant illuminated sign of yourself has got to be a little embarrassing… until you go to the bank and deposit the associated check. Tony Hawk’s Big Spin? Why not call it Tony Hawk’s 900? I noticed there is no loop in Tony Hawk’s Big Spin. Perhaps they are saving that for Mike McGill’s Big McTwist. Yeah, right.

Six Flags in Fiesta Texas will be opening Tony Hawk’s Big Spin for the 2007 season.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin

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Tony Hawk's Big Spin

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Tony Hawk's Big Spin


  1. that tony character will put his name on anything!

  2. coldones on December 14, 2006 - Reply

    My favorite roller coaster is the Johnson bowl at Klammath Falls.

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  4. They are opening the same ride in St. Louis too. My friend works there and says they were going to call it Tony Hawk’s 720, but that the spin record was going to be busted anytime now. They didn’t want the name “dated” before the ride even opened.

  5. I haven’t rode Tony Hawks Big Spin yet, but it looks like fun!

  6. i can’t wait for the sheckler have to start crying about girls, chug redbulls and put on your signature sunglasses before they even let you on the ride

  7. scott starr on January 31, 2009 - Reply

    This guys called me up and needed old skateboarding photos for this ride. classic skateboarding photos to look at while waiting in line.. When i told them it would cost money they didn’t want them.. they wanted them for free.. Geeez

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