Some kid named Peralta gets a pro model, sets world record for highest board royalty

Stacy Peralta limited edition deck on SMA

Seems like I’ve heard of this Stacy Peralta character before… Skip Engblom never gave Stacy a model on Zephyr, so 31 years later Santa Monica Airlines released a limited edition of 100 Stacy Peralta signature boards, numbered and signed by Stacy and Skip. Each deck comes with a certificate of authenticity, a display case and a price tag of $775! That’s no typo. Check it out at SMA.


  1. Matt Sefton on December 29, 2006 - Reply

    Stacy was my first skate hero. Now he turns villain with the most cynical cash-in yet. He can’t be short of a bob or two, can he? Or Skip? Anyone stupid enough to buy one of these horrendously ugly decks deserves ridicule and then to be shot.

  2. $775? All those guys should pull their money together and build a time machine for $77,500, or at least get the groundwork for one started. That way they could teleport themselves back to the 70’s and actually skate with him. That’s where the smart money is.

  3. But it comes with a case and a certificate! I thought this post might elicit such a reaction. The Time Machine is the best idea so far!

    Sefton – by shot you mean a photo shoot right? Right?

  4. Matt Sefton on December 29, 2006 - Reply

    Well ok, maybe shot is a little harsh. How about laughing at them until they cry and then poking them with sharp sticks?

  5. What about pointed sticks?

  6. that’s been out for months. They’ve been popping up on ebay weekly. Guess what: 0 bidders.

    Basic math: Piss poor graphic + guy nobody cares about + ripoff price = no sales.

  7. Okay Kilwag fess up, what is the serial number on the one you bought?

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