Spot the bail.

Spot the bail

Be the first one to spot the bail and win absolutely nothing, compliments of nobody. These shots were taken last night during a heated session in thee back bowl of the D.O.S.. It was pretty cutthroat for about a half an hour there.

Is there a dirt and and masonite equivalent of cotton lung? The back bowl of D.O.S. is like the dust bowls of the 30’s. Every time I get home from a session there I feel like I’ve worked up a sweat and then rolled around the floor of a construction site, or possibly like this. I’m having a hard time thinking of a good analogy here. Suffice to say, for the first 5 minutes of my shower afterwards, the water fails to penetrate the dust shield. Also, DOS is slippery as hell. My first session of the rainy season never goes well there.

Now on to the photos, which you can enlarge if you want. Juan Coronado made this… what is it called? It’s like a body jar, except he plants his feet on the back wall before coming back in on the tail.

D.O.S.  Juan Coronado

Mike Shearer did not make this particular boneless, but he made most of the others that I didn’t catch, including a nice one to disaster. I had the flash cranked up to high for this shot. Ugh.

D.O.S.  Mike Shearer


  1. In the pict it looks like Juan, but Ive been skateing with him and he nails those… and thats not even as far as the wall at Peir. So I have to go with Mike.

  2. That was a fun session with good vibes a-plenty, despite the dust and cold humidity. Was that wall plant part of a sequence shot? I thought I saw the flash go off more than once there…

  3. That particular shot was not from a sequence. My camera isn’t fast enough for a good sequence anyway, and Juan is halfway down the tranny in the next shot!

    Yeah, mike didn’t make that particular shot. He made others though.

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