Snow Crete?

Swanson Skate Meals-Fresh Frozen

Ok, so living in the Columbia River Gorge town of Hood River, Oregon isn’t exactly the best weather I’ve experienced so far for skateboarding. So yesterday I had a nice break from my office duties and decided to go skate the park.

I'm Confused As To Which Board To Ride

There wasn’t much to skate at our DH park, with all the debris of Pine Needles/Rocks/Mud and general wetness- it was barely skateable at all. But then I realized there are worse kids in smaller towns with no place to skate. Enter little Kirk from The Dalles Oregon

What? Are you sponsered?

He basically wouldn’t let me skate alone. I was trying to see if I could shoot a self action timed shot using my timer, no one involved type photo of myself skating. Hard to do period. He apparently had camera skills, because he offers to take the shot for me. I sit him down and give him an express “How To” and I skate off hoping for the best. Here’s attempt #1:

11 Year Old Photographer, what is that 4th grade?

And he precedes to nail it on the very next try, he even stood up like the veteran Kilwag and said calmly “I got it.”

BS Smith In Tight Jeans-Smay Fashion

Well, I hope you all have a Rebel New Year and skate all the places you encounter. Make up a few good skate resolutions, like, “I’m gonna learn Lien to Tails like SUPER Grover” or land a 360 flip before I’m 40.


  1. That will have to be before I’m 50 for me. Now what exactly is a 360 flip?

  2. The elusive Tre Flip- where the board spins 360 while flipping once. All the street kids have that one on lock. I can count on my hand how many heelflips I’ve landed.

  3. Hey Estes-

    Did they add another section to HR?
    Looks like a new section behind you, and a stair set behind the pic of the grom photographer.

    Gnar gnar b.smith by the way.

  4. Anyone know where that is?,
    Im a trvelling skateboarder, and I want to check out all the sick skate spots in my area within the next 2-3 years.
    Email me if you know,

  5. Hood River Oregon

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