Return of the Kanoa Flyaway

Kanoa Flyaway helmets back in production

Kanoa Flyaway helmets back in production. After seeing a couple of concussions happen while wearing old Flyaway helmets, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t think these were very useful for much besides satisfying a park’s helmet requirement. Someone left a comment that they were being made again, but it sounded like they weren’t being mass produced, and there were no pictures on the web. Well now there is, and no matter what I said about wanting to ditch my old one before, I think I want a new one now. Looks like you can get the OG airbrush action on these. I’m not too crazy about that, or the super wide stripes, but they are a custom option so modifying shouldn’t be a problem. Check it out.

The Kanoa Flyaway helmet are now back in production, and co-sponsors the SMA team. These helmets are crafted from hand-laid surboard fiberglass with custom colored gel coat, custom paint, custom foam, D -rings and German vinyl. Most colors and stripe combinations including “aribrush “can be custom made to order.

Currrently, they are only available at Rip City in Santa Monica. Three helmets will be in stock there most times. Specific colors and stripe combinations can be custom ordered through Jim at (310) 828-0388.


  1. marshall on January 4, 2007 - Reply

    Thank you so much Kilwag,

    I am looking forward to making your helmet(s).

    For more info and pix check out Bulldog’s website.

    (Thank you Wes!)

    I really wanted a new Kanoa Flyaway to skate in, so I decided to make them myself, and now I am making them for all skateboarders.

    As far as I know, the Flyaway is the only (good) helmet that was designed specifically for skating, and is now a skateboarding only helmet.

    I make these helmets by hand, one by one, and I paint and assemble them myself as well.

    The main silver, pearl and blue/pearl colors you see on the helmets is the color of the fiberglass, not paint!

    Right now I don’t charge any more for a custom helmet than for one that is already on the shelf.

    All custom orders have involved me personally talking to the skater to help them design their helmet.

    I will replace any foam for free (no one has needed this yet!) as well as address (fix) any problems you might have after purchase.

    Call Rip City and they will let you know wht’s in stock or give you my phone # if you want to order a helmet.

    Retail prices start at $189 for single stripes (or no stripe) and can go up to $ 279 for the full airbrush, but I’ll bend over backwards to make the Flyaway of your dreams. (A lot of work and materials go into every helmet’s creation).

    Each helmet also comes with a velvet storage bag.

    Carbon fiber and Kevlar will be going inot the mold next week!

    Please tell your friends, and thanks again,

    Marshall Von Wolf

  2. very very cool, but $189? To start? Wow. I’d love one, but too rich for my blood.

  3. Whaa?

  4. bailgun on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    three words sum this up:


  5. Marshall on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    Kind of like a big crown royal bag.

    No plastic bags or packaging used.

    They ship in a small brown box and the bag only.

    The bag helps protect the paint and can be used to polish the helmet as well.

    Lots of people tend to use the bag for pads which is much better than stuffing the pads into the helmet itself.

    The bag is really just a bonus that helps your helmet look better.

    Pro tec makes a fleece helmet bag.

    skateboard safety and cool helmet are both oxymorons

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