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Under No Influence Trailer - unicycle video

No, this guy isn’t crying because he rides rollerblades. He’s a practitioner of extreme unicycling. I’ve seen pics of the odd unicycle guy at a skate park, but I’ve never witnessed one in person. These guys have a DVD coming out titled “Under No Influence,” and they claim anything done on a skateboard can be done on a unicycle. The video is actually fun to watch. They did a good job taking the piss out of traditional skate videos (see the car scene) while managing some uh, radical moves. Of course, they are still on unicycles, so… What about their claim? Well, there are lots of rack-shots, some rail slides, and the equivalent of what would be grinds and ollies. Oh yeah, and acid drops too. They look kind of funny (besides being on unicycles) and the pacing is slow. See for yourself after the jump.

Here’s the link on You Tube.

Digg says:

Rail-slides: not just for skateboarding — AWESOME stunts on a unicycle. “What you can do on a skateboard, you can do on a unicycle.” If you thought unicycles were just for clowns and juggling, you’ve gotta see this! These urban/mountain unicyclists do what you might have thought was impossible.

We say, If you thought unicycles were just for clowns and juggling, you’re completely right!


  1. Day Reah on December 29, 2006 - Reply

    Anything you can do on a skateboard? Anything except for everything.

    Looks painfull. Those hard landings would probably be a lot nicer if they took their seats off and just went seat post only. Probably get a lot more control that way tool. : )

    Isn’t there a high school somewhere in East Oregon where unicycling is the PE?

  2. There were some “uni’s” getting rad at Pier one day. They only sessioned the walkway art and weren’t very impressive. What was impressive were the tires and shin guards. Tires were like from a Honda 350 and the shin guards were like built into there shoes or something and went all the way up to their thighs. They must have had cups on (MC?). If they went off road they could be called 1×1’s. Even I was embarrassed for them.

  3. squirrel on December 29, 2006 - Reply

    protect your nuts.

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