Meant for work.

Apple - Get a Mac adverts: Meant for work.

Skateboarding, Apple Computers and Punk Rock. That’s the chronological order that I was introduced those items, and I’m still heavily hooked on all of them. I had an Apple II before Macs existed. That means I’m old and also excuses computers coming before punk. I did grow up in a midwest suburb you know… My worlds rarely collided in the past, but nowadays it seems to happen all the time, which is why I barely raised an eyebrow when Apple’s latest Get a Mac adverts featured a certain skateboard conglomeration’s stickers prominently on TV. I would have preferred a more clandestine skateboard brand than Girl/Chocolate. Something a little under the radar would have been more subversive, if that’s at all possible at this point. Actually, little kids wouldn’t know about underground brands, so a Wet Willy sticker might have been more appropriate. Embedded video, links and more after the jump.

This YouTube thing is great. I love being able to embed videos and have someone else go through the work of encoding and hosting them. Here’s some links, or you can watch it below. Unfortunately, at this time the ad hasn’t made it into Spanish or Japanese versions like a lot of the others, or I’d link to those too. Of course, you can see them in high quality on the Apple web site.

The gist of the ad is that Macs are more fun and the PC guy is miffed because he has to do silly things like music and videos instead of work. This commercial is actually one of the weaker ones in the series because it basically says PC’s can be used for fun too. Ironically, the guy playing the PC, John Hodgman, is a Mac fan ( via Gizmodo). You may know him from his several Daily Show appearances. He’s a pretty funny guy. Man I’m geeking out hard. Ok, tying it all up is the Anarchy sticker on PC guy’s back like a “kick me” sign. That’s nice. Stick it to The Man!

Apple - Get a Mac adverts: Meant for work.


  1. Matt Sefton on December 19, 2006 - Reply

    1. Punk rock (first purchase – “Shot by both Sides” by Magazine)
    2. Skateboarding (Stacy Peralta on BBC TV’s Blue Peter kids show did it, I think)
    3. Apple Computers (I used to output galleys of text on Linotype imagesetters until a business associate gave me a shiny, just released Mac Plus with a separate 40meg hard drive. And guess what? I still have it!)
    Cheers – I feel old now…

  2. 1) apple computers-had a IIe in grade school right after the commodore 64.
    2)skateboarding, got a sgi banana board before my first “real” board, a slasher in 86
    3) punk rock-bought the butthole surfers “rembrandt pussyhorse” and circle jerks “group sex”

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