Iowa City Skate Park 2002

Iowa City Skate Park 2003

One Iowa City post deserves another. En route to Portland from Florida, I passed through Iowa City again on New Year’s day 2002. Coincidentally, Bone Man was there, and it was 1997 all over again. I crashed for the night, and the next day we went to check out the new skatepark. It was well below freezing so it’s mostly inaction shots.

Not only was it bone-chillingly cold that day, the concrete had recently been coated with some sort of bogus sealer that would cake up on your wheels like gum after you rode it for a while. It was either the wrong kind or applied in weather that was too cold. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember someone saying that it was supposed to be an anti-graffiti treatment. I’m sure it’s gone by now.

Here’s a weak panorama of the park, taken with a weak 2 megapixel digital camera from the era that cost more than the body of my Nikon D70 does now. Click the pick to enlarge it. The rest of them don’t have larger versions because they just aren’t interesting enough.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

I remember this park kind of sucking, actually. A lot of that had to do with the weather I’m sure. Somebody over at Concrete disciples disagrees with me.

This is a cement park. It has an awesome bowl in it, ledges, flatbars, a 6ft mini with a spine, a pyramid w/a ledge, and some rails. This park kicks ass! If your ever in the Iowa City area, you NEED to check this park out!

This picture looks cold, doesn’t it?
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

Bone man posed this picture because it was just too cold to do much besides roll around. We thought it was funny at the time.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

This will give you an idea of the size of the tranny at this park.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

A pleasant, serene setting when it’s freezing out. Supposedly there is another outdoor spot called Terrill Mill Skate Park, but it’s not showing up anywhere on the Interwebâ„¢, and what little info I have found about it suspiciously makes it seem like it’s in the same location.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

Look closely. The sign actually says June of 2001 for the date that the city gave the OK. This park must have been fairly new when we skated it.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

Maybe the first documented “Don’t skate against the flow” sign. That doesn’t fly in Oregon.
Iowa City Skate Park 2003

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  1. Fellaknee on December 8, 2006 - Reply

    pretty bitchin park, but some off the hook rules..

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