Dead Wrestlers

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a total wrestling mark. Actually, I’m a smart mark, so that makes me a smark. Anyway, you’re probably reading this wondering why is he writing about wrestling on a skateboard site? Well why not? I started this zine with Randy 20 years ago, and what made S&A unique was that we wrote about whatever we wanted, not worrying about what was “cool” in the skateboard world. Anyway, back to wrestling. Here’s a list of wrestlers from the last 20 years who are dead now. It’s actually pretty amazing that a “fake” sport has so many dead stars, most of whom were younger than me. Owen Hart (the Blue Blazer), Chris Candido, Eddie Guerrero, Davie Boy Smith (the British Bulldog), Crash Holly, John “Earthquake” Tenta, Miss Elizabeth, Curt “Mr Perfect” Hennig, David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich (the texas tornado), Michael von Erich, Chris Von Erich, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, Chris Adams, “Flyin” Brian Pillman, Joey Maggs, Hercules Hernandez, Big Boss Man, Classy Freddy Blassie, Road Warrior Hawk, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Yokozuna, Gorilla Monsoon, Junkyard Dog, Dino Bravo. All dead. Pretty sad.


  1. brad on December 3, 2006 -

    ….what’s with the “Von Eric curse” if you will?

  2. House of Neil on December 3, 2006 -

    yup, the famed Von Erich curse. So sad. Of the 5 brothers, 4 are dead. Some of ODs, one of suicide. They all died within a couple of years of eachother.

    Probably the worst there was Owen Hart, because he died in living color on PPV. I saw it.

  3. Who is on fire in the pic? Recent event? Fatality? What happend to Miss Eliziabeth?

  4. Miss Elizabeth died in May 2003. She had previoulsy left the Macho Man and was living with Lex Luger. She dies of an accidental drug overdose: xanax and vicodin washed down with vodka.

    The photo is from a hardcore match at Wrestlemania 22 (from Rosemont IL). The match was between the hardcore legend Mick Foley and Edge. Edge pinned Foley following this move. Both wrestlers were fine.

  5. Titantron Man on March 4, 2007 -

    Was Owen Hart pushed of the top….im 12 i never saw it.did he fall into tables why did he die?answer as soon as possible

  6. Kane is cool yall on March 4, 2007 -

    Is the great kali something singh.My grandpa says he knows him.Not personally but has seen him and his father wrestle 🙂

  7. Degeneration -x on March 4, 2007 -

    Was’nt miss lizzzzz murdered i don’t think soooo but answer anyways:@:@:%:%:(

  8. Since my post, add 3 more to the list of recently deceased wrestlers: Bam Bam Bigelow, Mike Awesome. and Bad News Brown.

    Good to know that this post somehow made it to the 13 and under set!!

  9. How did those guys die?

  10. Bam Bam was found dead in his house, supposedly of a drug overdose of some kind.

    Mike Awesome hanged himself.

    Bad News died of a heart attack.

  11. It is really amazing. Anyone who things this is not real has not idea. These guys get hurt for real and then they have to take drugs to take care of that pain and keep going in their career and some die from those consquenses (at least half of them are overdosees). If it is not the drugs than it usually is another direct result of their lifestyle / career choice. Not real my ass….

  12. I cant believe King Kong Bundy’s still alive.Im really glad though even though he wasn’t a cheered on wrestler i really like him as a wrestler.The shamest thing is he hasn’t been inducted into the hall of fame yet.

  13. What was the worst death out of all of all the wrestlers deaths?

  14. why is king kong bundy fat?

  15. You must be a youngster. King Kong Bundy must be around 400lbs. Bald and round. And mean. He almost killed a midget at Wrestlemania 3.

  16. The worst death? Probably Owen Hart because his happened live on PPV. Yes, I saw it.

  17. Mr. Buttermaker on April 9, 2007 -

    As long as the Iron Shiek and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka are alive..all is well in the Universe..

  18. How Do You Know All This Info House Of Neil

  19. But the best thing about King Kong Bundy is that he beat SD Jones in 9 seconds at Wrestlemania(1)

  20. I’m The Wrestling Genius Tell Me Anything

  21. Buggery Ben on April 14, 2007 -

    Ok brace yourself because here it goes: Ellis Bryans is gay.

  22. tell you anything? I think you meant ask me anything?

  23. Steven on April 19, 2007 -

    The worst death had to be the stabbing of Bruiser Brody by a wrestler called Invader#1 in Puerto Rico after a match.

  24. Steven on April 19, 2007 -

    Invader and Brody actually had a real life hatred between each other. They rufused to “job” for each other. Invader called Brody into the showers to talk business and proceded to stab him in the chest and stomach with a hunter knife he had rolled up in a towel. Invader was never convicted despite witnesses being there such as Tony Atlas and Carlos Colon (WWE’s Carlito’s father)

  25. Vince Ferri on April 20, 2007 -

    Whats the Ultimate Warrior up to?

  26. Did anyone see what happened to Sid Vicious’s Leg?

  27. Vince Ferri on April 24, 2007 -

    No, what happened to Sid Vicious’s leg, wait I think it twisted, right?

  28. Sid basically snapped his left leg coming off the middle rope: compound fracture. Snapped the tibia and fibula. He sued WCW over it.

  29. ally-marie on April 28, 2007 -

    hey, didn’t know that about sid vicious! can he walk now?
    thats terrible bout the wrestler who got stabbed and the guy who did it never gettin convicted!
    what happened to chris candido? so sad how these guys lives end! is bobby henan still tickin? i love him!!! last time i saw him tho he looked pretty skinny!

  30. Bobby Heenan is still alive, but has or had throat cancer. I’m not sure if he licked it or not. Best wishes go out to him, a true legend.

  31. ally-marie on April 30, 2007 -

    i loved or rather still love bobby! he was so naughty and crazy! that time warrior beat rick rude and the interview after bobby was crazy! aww, hope he’s ok, i’ll google him in a min.
    as for chris candido, died from a blood clot?! that is seriously scary!

  32. yup, Chris Candido’s death was sad and totally avoidable. Blood clot caused by him flying to another bout right after surgery following a match in which he got a severe leg injury.

  33. ally-marie on May 2, 2007 -

    rip chris….
    what other inside knowledge of the business do you have?
    have you ever met any wrestlers? if so, who?

  34. Is Gangrels teeth real or what!

  35. ally-marie on May 2, 2007 -

    don’t think so? he’s married to luna vachon tho!

  36. ally-marie on May 2, 2007 -

    hello! how fit is sjk!

  37. houseofneil on May 2, 2007 -

    Never mind Gangrel, how about Kevin Thorn and Ariel? There’s always vampire wrestlers I guess.

    Ally-Marie, where in Britain are you from?

  38. I find the homo-erotic aspects of wresting to be disturbing. It ruins the whole experience for me. I don’t understand the whole man on man business. Is it a Republican, NRA, adolescent thing?

  39. im from staffordshire, neil x

  40. Kevin Thorn used to be “Mordecai” from WWE and Gangrel used to be “El Vampiro” From (???) but their both vampires and there married or escorted to the ring by vampiresses (?)

  41. madd dogg on May 6, 2007 -

    i grew up with wrestling but i didnt know about half those people that died but in all i think the worst would have 2 of been eddie’s cus he got hit quite hard over the head with a chair which gave him a slight concussion with no affects at all untill he was at home asleep where he didnt wake up now that there is a true legend

  42. madd dogg on May 6, 2007 -

    i know that they arent dead but did you know that scotty 2 hotty beat cancer and the hot rod rowdy roddy piper had Lymphoma?

  43. ally-marie on May 6, 2007 -

    they caught it quite early on so he’s being treated for it!

  44. ally-marie on May 6, 2007 -

    shame bout hot rod but he’s getting treatment so should recover

  45. Madd dogg, now where dd you hear that? That’s not true at all. Eddie died of acute heart failure caused by many years of steroid abuse.

  46. ally-marie on May 7, 2007 -

    i know, i thought that about eddie, that ain’t right?! my sister told me about roddy on sat night, gutted but sounds like he’ll pull through? that vampiro thing ain’t right either if he means gangrel is the guy who was vampiro in wcw who wrestled with the misfits!

  47. ally-marie on May 7, 2007 -

    vince ferri,
    ultimate warrior is a govener!

  48. madd dogg on May 7, 2007 -

    house of neil not argue with me cus he did infact die in his sleep due to an underlooked brain damage thing i know this for a fact cus i have people on the inside

  49. of course you do. And I’m the King of Sweden.

    He died of heart failure. End of story.

  50. Vampiro isn’t Gangrel. Vampiro was most recently seen as the champion on MTV’s Wrestling Society X.

    Ultimate Warrior isn’t a governor. Where did you hear that? He’s a “motivational” speaker. Actualy a right-wing speaker who speaks out against liberalism. It is roundly believed that he lost his mind about 10 years ago.

    Jesse “the body” Ventura was the governor of Minnesota if that’s what you’re thinking of.

  51. ally-marie on May 8, 2007 -

    i meant that, knew warrior was crazy too! lol i know gangrel ain’t vampiro! i said that!

  52. Perry Saturn is a funny guy. He either had the chance to pick out of Moppy his Doll thing or Terry. He chosen Moppy!
    and Raven threw Moppy into a “Wood-shreder” HAHA!

  53. ally-marie on May 9, 2007 -

    haha, i remember that, house of niel will argue with u cuz he doesn’t like people havin wrestling knowledge! lol

  54. Listen everyone. If House of Neil says something, it IS true. Do not argue. Accept what he says as fact and move on. I think it’s just good practice to discount any info or crazy myth someone’s 9th grade, stoned cousin’s friend tells you in an IM. Again, just listen to House of Neil and you’ll be fine. If you have a problem with that, then you can take it up with me.

    P.S. Randy “Macho Man” Savage and “Leapin'” Lanny Poffo were brothers who lived down the street from me when I was growing up. “Leapin'” Lanny to my mind, was the best wrestler of all time–he would smoke all these modern wrestlers any day!

  55. Oh yeah! Another brush with wrestling greatness. Just out of college I was working as a waiter in a large Chicago nightclub. Who comes in but King Kong Bundy. He was a really nice guy. He ordered a drink and tipped me well. A true gentleman.

  56. ally-marie on May 10, 2007 -

    are you house of neils mafia? wtf? lol

  57. House of Neil does not need my or anyone else’s help. But if for some reason, he did, all 90 pounds of my un-ripped manliness would be at his disposal. If any 6-year old kids need a beat down, I can take them.

  58. House of Neil; Ultimate Warrior is not a motivational speaker. He WAS one, but not anymore. He made a huge mistake when speaking to college graduates, when he turned homophobic and stated that “Queering don’t make the world go round”

    Since then, bookings as a motivatinal speaker have all but died and he now makes a living selling off his Jakks figures (limited editions of 5) and also doing autograph signings.

    Most recently, he made a tit of himself at a signing and nearly got a fight with the Iron Sheik, after Warior refused to shake his hand.

    Mike Timble, to say that everything House of Neil says is true, and gospel and that we should all believe it is border line retarded. The guy knwos SOME things, he does not know all. Chances are everything he knows come from a poor mans version of the PWI almanac, which he found on the world wide web. This guy is not smart, he is far from a wrestling genius and basically knows little to nothing, which you lot couldn’t find out if you just bothered to search for it on Google.

    I’m not trying to get on his case, or yours, but seriously, get a clue. If you want to talk to people who know about wrestling, join a wrestling forum. This guy is just someone who added a page about deceased wrestlers to a random page of his. (Morbid, much?)

    I bet hands down, Ally-Marie, and many others could tell you more about wrestling than you’ll ever know. Others on the web, could also tell you more than you’ll know, as long as it’s available on the internet.

    One important thing to remember is; that whilst some peole make little mistake and get governors and motivational speakers confused (tut-tut, Ally) They know what they’re on about. Others will tell you word for word what is written on a dozen internet sites.

    Is it all fact? it’s balls. At least 75% of internet stories are rumours and untrue. There’s several variations of each death, each story line, and each backstage report that circulate the internet each and every week. Just because one guy comes here and says what ever he read in PWinsiders column, it does not mean we should take what he says as Gospel.

    Yours Sincerely,


    PS: I went to dinner with British Bulldog, A true legend. I figured since others would name drop so would I. Can i be cool and join your gang now?

  59. uuh, “Psychoduck”, Mike was joking around, it’s called humor, look into it.

    Hmm. I’ve been watching wrestling since 1970. I’ve got a feeling I’ve forgotten more about wrestling than you’ll ever know son. And yes, I’m english. Grew up on Mick McManus, Bert Royal, Kendo Nagasaki, Johnny Kwango, Rollerball Rocco and the Dynamite Kid.

    PWInsider, never heard of it, don’t need to.

    And by the way, Davey Boy Smith couldn’t sniff the jock of Dynamite. Dynamite? One of the best wrestlers that EVER lived. DBS? Average at best.

    So Psychoduck, better check it at the door son, because you aren’t gonna win this one.

  60. whoow!! psychoduck went to a bad place, neil is feelin threatened…me likes it!

  61. Psychoduck on May 14, 2007 -

    House of Neil; Never said DBS was better than Dynamite kid did I? let me look into it… um no, I definitely didn’t. Why? oh right, because i know he wasn’t.

    Don’t try and act like you’re smart because you think Tom Billington is better than Dynamite Kid, it’s universally known that Dynamite Kid is better and was one of the fore runners for letting the smaller more technical style of wrestlers get into the business in a huge way.

    Aren’t gonna win what? sorry, did I challenge you? again, no. I just pointed out that saying what you say should be taken as truth is retarded, when you know as little and as much an any one else who is willing to spend 5 seconds looking it up.

    I dont know you personally, so i cant say how you live your life and what you do. Hell, maybe you’re a wrestler. Maybe like me, you have family who are ‘in the business’. But 99% of fans who frequent message boards and write shit up on their own web pages are your general every day (s)marks. They like/love wrestling, and watch it all the time, but when it comes down to it they only really know what they’re told, which can more often than not be a load of shite.

    Obviously, for some reason, this threatens you that i pointed it out as you’ve been quick to jump on your little pedestal and defend yourself. But you cant tell me i’m wrong, cause i’m not.

    whether you’ve watched wrestling for 3 years, or 30. (Personally, it’s 24 for me) Unless you’re actively in the business, and behin the scenes to get every little story first hand you’ll never know.

    Why does Vince McMahon hate Randy Savage so much? Because Macho man left him high and dry and went to WCW when he’d told Vince he’d resign to WWF? or because Macho Man had a ‘fiddle’ with an underaged Stephanie McMahon?

    Both are accounts of the reasons, both have been considered true, obviously only one can be (although both can be false) Unless you’re in the camp of one of those two, you’ll never know.

    That was my basic point, on the internet you have fans who are held in high regard by other fans as being ‘in the know’ and on your little web page of dead wrestlers, you’re the one held high. But never, under any circumstance, should they ever be believed as knowing 100% of the truth.

    Whether your defendant was joking or being serious, my point still stands.

    Every wrestling fan in the world can be the biggest smark around by visiting 3 or 4 pages of wrestling news, and wrestling history pages a day.

    Just like they can all look like the biggest idiot when they subsequently report something as fact, and friends believe them… only to find out a ‘reporter’ or ‘insider’ got their information wrong, and their little report is subsequently subtracted.

    I’ll stop typing now, no doubt you have a high horse to climb on. After all, I’m challenging you aren’t I? jeez. Doesn’t take much for you to feel threatened does it? a small suggestion that you’re not as in the know as someone makes out, and you’re ready to throw down a challenge gauntlet.

  62. houseofneil on May 14, 2007 -

    1) this is a skateboard website that a friend and I put together. I have always loved wrestling, so I did a small piece on something I find interesting: the high mortality rate of wrestlers. Apparently a lot of other people find it interesting too.

    2) I don’t claim to know everything. Look at the thread and tell me where I claim that. Some people asked me some questions. I answered them as best I could. Mike Timble mad a facetious remark. That’s it. You obviously took that very personally for some reason.

    3) Tom Billington IS the Dynamite Kid, so I don’t understand your first sentence. Maybe you meant Davey Boy Smith? Or maybe with all of your “inside contacts” you don’t know as much as you think you do? And you’re the one that said “I went to dinner with British Bulldog, a true legend”. That’s why I even brought that up.

    4) This thread was largely a very positive and fun thing until you jumped on. You obviously have an axe to grind and decided to grind it here. I’ve got an idea, instead of getting all pissy here, do it somewhere else, because I really don’t care.

  63. Leapin’ Lanny Poffo uber alles! Also, I love Iggy Pop.

  64. Hey everyone! I have some thoughts.

    1-It’s all in fun. I was just goofing on all of you. I don’t think House of Neil knows everything about wrestling, but he does a know a helluva alot. So, I would defer to his expertise in these matters.

    2-Some of the disagreements seem to be more subjective than objective. The idea that there is a “better” wrestler in the WWF or WCW or WHW (Gorgeous Homos Wrestling) is completely subjective. So, I’m sure we can all agree to disagree.

    3-I think House of Neil’s story about the mortality rate in professional wrestling is absolutely fascinating. I knew it was dangerous, and have had a total respect for the athleticism of pro wrestlers, but to see (I’m making an assumption here) that the sport takes such a deadly toll, is pretty frightening…and interesting.

    4-I hope I did not come off as name dropping. The Poffos (Macho Man and Leapin’ Lanny) honestly lived (past tense) down the street (about 2 blocks) from my childhood home in Downers Grove, IL (a suburb of Chicago). They went to my high school. They were at least 4 or more years older than me so I never met them. They were excellent athletes and played baseball. I believe both of them played in the minor leagues. Randy was the better of the two and I believe ended up playing AAA ball for a St. Louis Cardinals farm team. I always liked them because they were from my hometown. As far as King Kong Bundy, I maybe exchanged 10 words with the guy getting him a Vodka Tonic or something like that. He was very polite and tipped me. He didn’t act like he had a big ego and I liked that about him. I just thought they were interesting stories. That’s all.

  65. Psychoduck on May 14, 2007 -

    Neil; I never said you claim to know everything. I said on this thread, you come across as the one people look to. Since it’s your thread, on your website.

    I didn’t take the remark made by Mike Timble personally, i was just stating fact, that saying anyone should be believed as fact, unless they are a 100% reliable resource, is assinine.

    As for my first sentence, I did a Sabu and fucked it up 😛

    I meant Tom Billington is better than British Bulldog. Oopsies.

    I have no axe to grind, you’re just upset cause i said you should be taken as 100% fact. Which is bizarre, as you just said you dont know everything whih technically means you agree with me.

    Maybe it’s a wording thing?

    I’ll try once more; I have no issue with you, or anyone in this thread. However, for anyone who wants to know about wrestling, being told to believe someones word as 100% fact is silliness. A fan is a fan is a fan.

    Mike Timble; The sport takes a huge toll on you, physically but is immensely enjoyable. I thik you said you lived in the states, right? If you get a chance, go to a training seminar and learn basic bumps and how to run the ropes. Nothing serious, just basics and you’ll see what they go through each and every day. It’s bloody shocking how much running the ropes can mess up your back and neck.

  66. Yup, let’s all just get along. And RAW starts in 30 minutes. Let’s see what crap the WWE is throwing our way tonight. More Great Khali no doubt.

  67. Does anybody know who “Christopher Pallies” is.

  68. Is Billy Gunn “Gay”

  69. i think he is gay…. not 100% nut think him and road dogg hed a “thing” billy gunn was married but divorced now. no doubt i’ll be corrected but hey!

  70. Hey Psychoduck-
    From your post, it sounds that you actually have wrestling experience. If that’s true, you should tell us more about your experience. I, for one, would be really interested in your stories and insight. Like I have posted before, there is no doubting the high level of athleticism that goes into wrestling. I could not, and would not, ever try to do what those guys do. Seriously, I’m 6′ tall and 150 pounds. I am the definition of pencil-necked geek. 12 year old girls could take me. I do not need to get body slammed by someone to know that I would have to go to the hospital in an ambulance if I ever even tried it.

    But, getting back to my original point, if you do have experience in the wrestling world, you should tell about it.

    Also, I got a bit more info off the web regarding the Poffos (Macho Man and The Genius/Leapin’ Lanny). They are 11 years (Macho Man) and 9 years (Lanny) older than I am, so I was off on that. The weird thing is that it brought back some long lost memories from childhood. I remember, as a kid, even before they were both wrestling, going to go checkout there house. The local rumour was that their dad had set up a full blown batting cage with machine that pitched baseballs. So we snuck onto their property to check it out. And it was true. It was completely overgrown at that time (around 1976-1977). Randy had been drafted out of high school in 1971 by the Cardinals, so I guess it had fallen into disuse. The family was obviously committed to helping their kids excel at whatever their kids wanted to do. I mean, how many dads actually build their own batting cage for their kids?

    Here are some websites with more info:

  71. houseofneil on May 15, 2007 -

    A better question is, who cares?

    Does it really matter to you what an adult does in the privacy of his (or her) own home?

  72. sorry!! jeez

  73. Are you gay Neil?

  74. houseofneil on May 15, 2007 -

    Phrase the question right please. It should be, “Are you “Gay”?”
    Gay has to be capitalised and in quotation marks for some reason.

    Are we at 75 comments yet???

  75. oh yeah, good point kilwag

  76. Psychoduck:- This should be good. on May 15, 2007 -

    “Does anybody know who “Christopher Pallies” is.” ;- um yeah, it’s King Kong Bundy right?

    AS for Billy Gunn being gay, no it doesn’t matter what one does in the privacy of their own home. However a question was asked, and Ally Marie just tried to answer it.

    The wrestling business is a fickle place, and being an out gay man can be as hazardrous to your career as being dead anyway. There have been a few people over the years who outed their self and suddenly lost all bookings.

    Chris Kanyon outed himself, and WWE wont return calls now and he has a lot of trouble being booked in the indy scene cause much like Hulkamania in the 80s, homophobia is running wild now.

    It says a lot for the state of the wrestling business, and society today, when ones sexuality can cause such a commotion. I mean look at wrestling on the whole anyway? a bunch of men, in good condition, covered in sweat and baby oil rolling around with each other whilst weary skimpy pants. Pretty gay in itself.

    But as soon as someone is gay, they’re black listed… like someone is scared that they’ll be put in a headlock, their oppnent will pop a boner and suddenly they’re riding his cock all the way to the gay pride march.


    As for Gunn being gay though, no i dont think he is. I think he’s Bi-Curious. He’d only ever been with women to my knowledge, never known him to reported to have been with a man, but he definitely dresses and acts like someone who may like a little bit of bum action.

    He may just have a bit of a feminine personality, but i still think if the right guy with the right cock asked him to try it, he’d be on that cock like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

    Anyway, enough talk of homosexuals and phobias… on to RAW. Khali rocks, and dont even question this. He is over 7 foot, and over 400lbs of muscle. He owns all! Him vs Cena will be a 5 star classic, and squash any fond memories of Hogan/Andre… cause this one will have charisma, drama, and a chav in it. Awesome!

  77. I’m thinking that ally-marie and psychoduck are friends or something. . . .

    Any PPV that has Cena or Khali in the main event is to be avoided like the plague, but both together? This could be the worst PPV main event of all time.

  78. This thread is dead and now closed to comments.

    Thanks for visiting, now go away!

    With love and piledrivers, the Editor.

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