Burnquist doesn’t have sh@!#t!

Half Pipe Ride at Six Flags

No. You are not seeing things. Bob Burnquist supposedly has the largest ramp, but it may not be as tall as this giant skateboard-looking contraption on roller coaster tracks. It’s supposed to be a snowboard, actually, but it sure looks more like a skateboard if you ask me. This ride opened in 2004 as near as I can tell. More pics and video links after the jump.

Here’s the overview. Back and forth like a real half pipe. It’s at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver Colorado.

Half Pipe Ride at Six Flags

Now you can “snowboard” all summer long on the only ride of its kind in the United States.

This thrilling ride features two freely-rotating circular cars on a gigantic 39-foot-long snowboard that rests securely on a halfpipe track. Sixteen brave boarders can ride at a time — just be prepared for some dizzying 360s and whooshing drops.

Now you can have all the fun of snowboarding — without the freezing temperatures — on the tallest HALFPIPE in North America!

Get your extreme thrills at Six Flags Elitch Gardens!

Check out the mounting hardware on this beast! The guy in the middle looks like he’s gonna crap in his boots. The guy directly on the right of him looks bored.

Half Pipe Ride at Six Flags

This shot below looks fake, but I think it’s just taken at a reverse angle with a telephoto lens. Come on, that’s a skateboard. It’s got two trucks! So what if each truck has 2 axles? It still looks more like a skateboard.

Half Pipe Ride at Six Flags

I first found this on a PR web site before it opened. I swear they weren’t pushing the snowboard aspect, but it’s been a couple years, and I could easily be wrong. For the longest time I have been compiling content for this web site, but slogging away at the html always prevented me from doing too much because I had such big plans. There were all kinds of searchable indexes and bells and whistles that I wanted to implement. I didn’t want to spend too much time on things if I was going to have to rebuild it. Thank god I blew it all off and started using a blog (WordPress) for content management, or I still wouldn’t be making meaningful updates. A news item came to my attention that has forced me to dig up these images and make a post I just so I can link to it in tomorrow’s post. Man am I a nerd or what?

There are video links at both sites. I think it’s the same video actually. I couldn’t get the sound to play, or the Real Video inks to work. Crappy programmers!

Half Pipe Ride at Six Flags

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  1. malch on March 1, 2007 - Reply

    GO!Denver,one of the many things to skate in Colorful Colorado.

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