Wheelee Board!

Wheelie Board!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I’ve been asking for this for months now. This is the holy grail of 70’s wacky commercial skateboard exploitation. They actually advertised these in Skateboarder. I’ve never seen one in person but I remember seeing them in ads. Even though they looked completely ridiculous, I always wanted one for their sheer absurd nature, just to prove they exist. Thanks to Thor for locating and scanning the advert. See the full ad in all it’s 70’s glory after the jump.

Love, love, love the really long and low profile wheels. Seems like they would actually make it harder to do the 360’s as advertised. Also, it always irked me that the final kicktail would point down if you were on the back set of trucks. It’s as if they are saying, “We want you to do some crazy kickturning, but we don’t want you to get too crazy!” You could even order the deck without the trucks, and there was a money back guarantee. Amazing! Pure American genius! I still want one. How could I not want a Wheelee Board, especially when it is guaranteed to be the finest skateboard you’ve ever ridden? I haven’t seen one turn up on eBay, but maybe that’s because I’ve always searched for “Wheelie” instead of “Wheelee.” I should have known that having bucked the conventions of skateboard manufacturing, Wheel Industries, Inc. would have thrown all caution and spelling to the wind as well. I hope there’s a warehouse of unsold Wheelee Boards out there in NEw Jersey waiting to be discovered.

This advert gets even bigger if you click on it.

Wheelie Board!


  1. Chancellor on November 19, 2006 - Reply

    Hello, People! Wheelee board!!!!!

  2. ShackleMeNot on December 10, 2006 - Reply

    Man, I totally need that for my 70’s crap ass board collection!

  3. I have one of this. I leave in Lima. And if you want to see some pic and interest for buy only send mail to : frankvzappa@hotmail.com

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