Sammamish Mammy


If you live near Sammamish Washington here’s one more thing to be thankful for. This new street park should be ready soon if it’s not already open. It’s got a lot of curious features that are a tip off that it wasn’t designed by skaters (who are experienced skatepark builders). On the plus side, they packed it full of terrain and made it interesting, and it’s fun to say “Sammamish Mammy.” More pictures here.


  1. not jeff kendal on November 26, 2006 - Reply

    You know another way of telling that this park wasn’t built by skaters. They poured the flat first. What a bunch of F ING turds. Turds tend to pour the flat, the decks, the cool ollie pads and then get tired, give up and TAKE A SHIT ON THE TRANSITION AND COPING…. It’s a tell tale sign. I abhor, individuals like this.
    On a good note I skated WEED, on Saturday.
    “ORganic” a seventies aspect mixed with “The REAL” There is some vert in the one bowl. Enough to show these kids how to do proper AIRS, not shoot outs.
    Thank you and see you at the PIER.

  2. Thanks for the informative article. A couple of points:

    * The park was designed by an actual (skilled) skate boarder who was a sub-contractor to the landscape architect firm, Macleod-Reckord. Yes, he did put a lot of features in the space alloted.

    * The park permits boarders, BMX’ers and scooters.

    * We have no hours, the park is open 24/7.

    Please post with your information so that others will know of this additional info.

    Thanks !

  3. The park is open 24/7. That’s great news! Congrats on your city’s forward thinking in this often overlooked aspect of public skateparks.

    As for the skilled skater/designer. I should clarify. In the article I said “It’s clear that this was not designed or built by anyone whose expertise is in skate parks.” I still stand by that. Being an excellent skater doesn’t always translate into being a good skatepark designer. It’s pretty obvious that the design of the Sammamish park is focused on maximizing the amount of obstacles and doesn’t take into account the run ups, flow, and spacing as illustrated in the documents here. So while the designer might be a very skilled skater, he made some basic rookie mistakes. It’s still better than not having experienced skateboarders involved in the process at all. The park can still be fun, it just won’t be as usable as it was intended.

    So I amended this intro to reflect the text of the actual article. Changes in parenthesis. Thanks for your feedback. I look forward to skating your park with my nephew.

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