Not quite recycled skateboard furniture

Not quite recycled skateboard furniture - Skurniture

Making furniture out of skateboards is nothing new. These guys are trying to capitalize on the art-chic trend in skateboarding culture. The company is called Skurniture and right now they have a very simple bench available. It has a lot fewer parts than an actual skateboard, but at $129 it costs a bit more. You can even by the (overpriced) pieces separately.

The legs on these benches are kind of cool, but simple. At $70 they seem expensive even for a pair. You can buy the deck as a stand alone too. That’s got to be cheap right? Apparently it is expensive to do less finishing work (square edges, no graphics) and countersink the mounting hardware holes because the deck a lone will cost you $60.

Don’t want to be taken for a kook cause you shelled out for one of these benches? Check out the picture of Tony Alva getting his skurniture on at an art show. We kid, we kid. I actually think it’s a cool idea, just overpriced is all. Cut the leg price in half and I may order.

Not quite recycled skateboard furniture - Skurniture

Still interested? You can reach Skurniture at:
1055 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone 760.753.2800

Or, via the Skurniture web site, which is kind of buggy in some areas right now.


  1. does anyone know the wheelbase on those?

    also what’s the selection widthwise? generally i like a 9.5″ for beer drinking with bros and a 8.25″ for tv watching.

  2. Ha, good one. But don’t forget about the steepness of the nose and the tail if you are going to be sitting switch…

  3. yeah…im gonna agree with DARREAN…that table is pretty damn sweet

  4. thats rad, bang ur woman on it,creative, i like it id get urges to skate it

  5. Angeles on April 1, 2012 - Reply

    There is something new to SKATE-HOME
    They have incredible skateboard furniture

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