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Riot Fest 2006 is over. Jake Burns from Stiff Little Fingers sang vocals on Raygun’s version of Suspect Device. How’s that for a special guest? Amazing. Long set, quite possibly their last ever. There are videos up from the Oct 19th show and the Holyy Lazarski Nahani show. Nothing from last night though. The Riot Fest video crew was in full effect taping for a DVD release, but I like free. One item I sorely wanted but didn’t manage to catch was a stupid little clacker in the shape of hands that said “Spank you very much – Naked Raygun.” Almost as good as the famous “Get a haircut” combs they gave out once. On the drive home after the show the local commercial alternative radio station played at least one of the songs recorded from that night’s show. Sounded pretty good. I think Neil is going to write up the event. I’ll post more pics from the Holyy Lazarski Nahani performance later in the week.


  1. I always liked Jake Burns. Everyone should hear this 12″ I got of his brief post SLF group called The Big Wheel. (Brad’s Jukebox anyone?) As Kilwag knows I broke up a 3 year relationship with a fine woman once because she refused to agree that SLF had a reggae influence, sounds petty but it really was the beginning of the end. It was our first real fight!

  2. What a great day! I couldn’t get into the two pre-bash shows because I’m only 20 but the all day afair of Sunday was more than enough for me! I was able to get one of the hand clappers but first it hit me right in the face so I guess I had to earn it. Got any pictures from Sunday’s show or links to places with them? I saw a million people in front of the barrier taking pictures and want to see as many as possible.

  3. Not yet. I didn’t snap any on Sunday. Haven’t done the search yet.

  4. ShackleMeNot on December 10, 2006 - Reply

    Some of my shit from the weekend. Haggerty had signed the deck about a year ago, as well as Jeff. The rest signed it at the sunday show.

  5. ShackleMeNot on December 10, 2006 - Reply

    looks like it didn’t post, here’s the link:

  6. Hey… The original Naked Raygun deck. Nice!

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