eBay Watch for October 2006

eBay Watch October 2006

Due to feedback on the column, this month I’m starting a “weird” auctions section, that features some of the more unusual items from the skateboards section of eBay. As always, this stuff is totally random; whatever catches my eye. I may miss some stuff that goes off, but hey, that’s life. If you guys see something good I missed, send it in! And as always, thanks for all of the comments, keep them coming. Now, on to eBay Watch for October 2006.


  1. Neil, I remember seeing you at the Illini Union circa ’87. Red deck and Bullits…and fingerless black Rector gloves maybe. That deck must’ve been your favorite Natas I suppose. I was out of my mind on Funhouse pinball so I didn’t say hi. Funny how you remember someone’s gear though.

    p.s. I had the yellow SMA Natas without the leaves in ’86, real simple. It was my ride as I waited impatiently for Doggy Style in front of your house one day.

  2. House of Neil on November 15, 2006 - Reply

    yup, that would have been the Natas. The only red deck I ever had. Actually I had a red Alva Fred Smith for about 5 minutes, but I swapped it to Randy because I didn’t like the steep tail. He pronptly snapped it on a launch ramp.

    And yes, the fingerless rectors would have been me too. Randy and I both had the yellow 1st Natas too. We bought them the second Fatz got them in. I loved it so much I went to the red 2nd model after I killed the first one. Randy went Zorlac I believe.

  3. love your ebay watch/////look forward every month//////we are myspace friends///you gave me the ebay bug/////////i did have a question////what all serches do you use on your ebay serch////thanks and keep up the cool work brother

  4. House of Neil on November 16, 2006 - Reply

    uuh, Dewey, we are NOT myspace friends. That myspace, virtual friend crap is for RETARDS. I don’t have a myspace account, and am proud of that fact.

    Thanks for the kind words though. When I have time I search for skateboards and just go from there. I miss some stuff I find some stuff. That’s about it.

  5. neil,

    keep up the great work and thanks for including lance’s artwork auction.

  6. Rod Broomfield on November 29, 2006 - Reply

    Hi, just to say I love your ebay watch so keep up the great work. So it’s not always entirely accurate-but we’re all human!

    As for your comment on my 15 minutes of fame as Cress5.

    I recently listed a Sims Toft, and the auction was cloned fraudulantly by some guys in China. At one point there were up to 5 copies of my auction.Each of these auctions were looking to steal money from honest collectors.

    So that’s why I added my name,so if anyone did copy my auction/photos it gave people a better chance of realizing they were being conned.

    But heh, have a joke on me,I’m pretty thick skinned.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. i ride for tracker, house of kasai, and im friends with kevin staab LOL

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