Battle Ground Construction

Battle Ground Wa Construction

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant anyone? Thanks to some recent dry spells it looks like there’s been quite a bit of pouring going on in Battle Ground Washington. It’s no longer just some framed holes filled with muddy water. Of course the surroundings are one big bog fest. Hit the jump to see more pictures of construction than you’ll ever really need. New to this layout is a corresponding reference shot showing the approximate location and field of view that each shot was taken. Tedious? Yes, but I bleed for you, man. Designed by Grindline but built by Dreamland. Check it out.


  1. Nice work on the article. I really like being able to compare the shots to the rendering. That park looks like it is going to be really fun.

  2. John Dalton on December 18, 2006 - Reply

    if you r not from battle ground and you skate this its time for us to throw down

  3. You heard it here folks. Locals only, apparently.

    I heard those Aumsville kids were going to rumble there. Clash of the titans!

  4. Wow, I thought the West Linn taxpayers were bad. The battleground guys even have a rhyme.

  5. John Dalton on January 22, 2007 - Reply

    you mite think i am kidding i am not you will go down i kid you not

  6. you are a frigging idiot. Get a life loser.

    And learn to spell.

  7. Fine, if we can’t skate your skatepark you can’t read our website. Get outta here! I bet John Dalton is really a ten-year-old girl on a pink bike with streamers on the handle-bars.

  8. Actually he had better be Bruce Lee, He’s going to be fighting a hundred guys every day. Well, I guess it is Battle Ground.

  9. hey hey assualt me first please, I’m just one good lawsuit away from skating Battledrowned every day…

  10. Holy shit, I live in Battleground, and have friends from Vancouver, La Center, Ridgefield and a whole bunch of other places that are coming to our skate park. The skate park is open to whoever wants to come out here, not just the town!

  11. toadinator on June 11, 2007 - Reply

    your all losers. anyone can skate there as long as you can skate. if you cant skate dont show up.

  12. Hey kids – this discussion has moved on, and so should you.

  13. BooyahPowell on October 17, 2007 - Reply

    hahahahaha i use to live in BG. That skate park is pretty sickk! for a lil town like that! true true, if ur not from BG and u wana skate there, its goin” down!

  14. […] End. Whatever happened to that kid who threatened to beat up all the out town […]

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