From Yo-yos to Yo Yo Ma to Tony Hawk

Apparently there is an activity that adults enjoy but most people think of as a toy, fad, or a phase to grow out of. Sound familiar? Although they both spin and have axles, I’m talking about yo-yos, not skateboards. Who knew there was a crossover? (Wait, isn’t that a yo-yo trick too?) Yo-Yo Nation is offering these limited edition skateboard and t-shirt combos featuring artwork “..based around a trick invented or pushed to the next level by the artist himself.” More pics and an amazing Hail Mary Gratuitous Tony Hawk Appearance after the jump.

Form the product description:

The creators of the popular Fluchs yo-yo, Eetsit yo-yo, and Bapezilla yo-yo, bring you their collectible Anti-Deck series!

“Each deck’s artwork is based around a trick invented or pushed to the next level by the artist himself.”

The first of Anti-Yo’s skateboard deck and t-shirt series features Paul Escolar, and his ever-so-ubiquitous trick, the Green Triangle!

Paul Escolar, and his ever-so-ubiquitous trick, the Green Triangle! Worst episode ever. Did I say that out loud? Paul must have some fans because there are only 38 out of 50 left and the product isn’t even shipping yet. If you have $84.99 you can reserve yours.

Anti-Yo Skateboard Deck with t-shirt

Too bad there isn’t some sort of skateboard trick with the same name. I’m surprised Tony Hawk doesn’t have a signature yo-yo. how can I make the connection? Both Tony Hawk and Yo Yo Ma appeared in Apple Computers Switch ad campaign back around 2002 or 2003. Damn! I’m good.

Yo Yo Ma and Tony Hawk in Apple switch ads

They are long gone from the Apple web site, but you can still view these ads if you want. Fortunately, some people are as obsessed with Apple as we are with skateboarding.

On a final note. I’d just like to post this choice frame grab that makes Tony look like he’s stoned or mildly retarded. I’m really making Henri Cartier Bresson proud now. I can feel it.

Tony Hawk in Apple switch ads


  1. $85 for that combo! F-U.

  2. There seems to be an increasing amount of people want to buy skateboards as art these days – just to hang on the wall- personally it just makes me want to rip them off the wall and go and boardslide the graphics off on some kerb blocks!

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