Are you Sirius? (or Jeep?)

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

Siriusly (har har) I can’t tell if this is a commercial for Jeep or Sirius Satellite Radio. The gist of it is if you buy some kind of Jeep they throw in the Sirius service for free. It’s a mildly amusing commercial. If anyone still needs it, it’s proof that skateboarding has been assimilated into popular culture. Watch the video and see it dissected after the jump.

That’s a pretty big stair set. Notice how the disclaimers are getting more and more specific. Instead of just “trained professionals,” we are told not to attempt this because these guys are “Professional Street Skateboarders.” I guess they were worried about getting sued by professional vert skaters trying to learn stair tricks. Maybe they should change it to “Professional Stair Railing Skaters.” Don’t they have a union already?

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

After making a boardslide, this kid (whoever he is) is lined up perfectly to run into the trash can and continue to slam off off screen. The trash can is obviously a prop, and there is probably a big crash pad off camera, but it still takes some serious presence of mind to land a big stair set like that knowing you have to line up for a prat fall. That’s concentration. How many takes?

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

Hey who are these guys? My guess is some Birdhouse riders. I don’t get Transworld or Thrasher anymore, so I’m clueless. Someone please leave the info in the comments if you know. Must have been cool for them if Tony got them the job.

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

And here’s the punchline.

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

And here’s the weak follow up: “This thing’s got pop!” Har har. Stop it, you’re killing me. I’m sure it read better on the storyboards.

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

And finally, the redemption. The skaters on the right mutter “Show off!” under their breath.

Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

As always, if you worked on the crew or know anyone involved in this commercial, shoot drop us a line and dish out some poop.


  1. I think Tony Hawk has a stream or channel or whatever they call it on Sirius. Nested vested interests

  2. That’s Natas Kaupus, Mark Gonzales, and Jim Thiebaud. Totally ripping.

  3. Beau Sluder [Emerica] on May 24, 2007 - Reply

    haha. that comercial was retarded. the part about the professional street skaters was funny.

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