Smells Like Does Not Smell Like Teen Marketing

Somebody actually reads this site. Unfortunately for me, it’s someone whom I just slagged off. Brett, the proprietor of got back to SnA less than an our after the post was made. Maybe I need to look into those cheap press releases. Read what Brett had to say and decide if I was too cynical.

I’m offended. I know you’re going to blog about how some idiot wrote you about a review but I don’t care. I just want to set the record straight. It’s not teen marketing. I’m not a bunch of corporate douche bags sitting aroound coming up with the next big thing. I skate. Skating was my life. I don’t have much time anymore (wife, kids, job), but I watch skate videos all day, and still try to pull out 360 flips when I can. The site is mine. I developed it, I own it, and I personally fund it. I wrote a press release because that’s what the little guy does when he has $5 a day to spend on google adwords. I charge no money, and don’t have ads on the site. The site is a result of a conversation with friends. How skating would have been better if we had something like this.

no it’s not 1982, and i was 3 years old then. I skated va beach. Lots of kids skate, and we had lots of friends, but we skated in different groups. There were the beach kids and the kempsville kids (us). We saw them at contests now and then, and occasionally at some spots. But they had their spots and we had ours. It would have been cool to know what spots were good at the beach. We mostly skated downtown norfolk, ODU, portsmouth, chesapeake and even suffolk sometimes. The kids were real good out there too. But we didn’t really know them.

the site at the core is meant to be grass roots. If you ever skated, you know how it is. Finding spots can be tedious. We would spend all day long sometimes because we were bored with our own spots. We would find a new spot like the united bank in norfolk. A nice 9 set of steps, marble benches, ledges, drop offs, and everything. BUT…security guards would swarm in less than two minutes. I wonder how many sets of kids were arrested before everyone knew not to skate there. So mycityskates has spots listed…by locals. Upload photos, videos that include the spot, list what their is to skate (tags that you could click on), where it’s at, and what the bust factor is. 5 for highly likely and 1 for none at all. va beach is still as medium sized city. It’s even more spread out in bigger cities. You’re talking thousands of kids skating in nyc, and none of them know each other. because it’s a big city.

Not only that but we did road trips to DC, and richmond…do you think we knew what to skate there? We knew where pulaski was, but at that time it was a guaranteed bust.

Now on to the youtube part. Watching skate videos there pisses me off. Cuz these kids are crazy good, but a bunch of douche bags who don’t skate are the only people commenting on their videos, mostly saying how much it sucked. It’s just not productive. I want a site where skaters upload videos for other skaters to see.

There is a lot more to the site. I have a lot planned. It’s in beta, and only been out for two weeks, and I have to work a real job at the same time. So maybe it will do something, maybe it won’t.  But just to let you know it’s not teen marketing, and not even much of anything right now other than potential. But blogs like yours won’t help that out. I’m saying it’s OK, because I might have thought the same thing. Just letting you know that I’m not about that and neither is my website. I’m not trying to be offensive, it’s just my baby.


You heard the man. Now go sign up.


  1. Cool Brett, we’re changing Kilwag’s nickname to Douchewag. Sounds like you are a sincere individual. Did you see my comic about MySpace? You be sure to behave yourself. Way to pay attention and good luck in your endeavor.

  2. House of Neil on October 19, 2006 - Reply

    aren’t there a billion other sites doing the same thing? has something very similar.

    And it was all cool until the “if you ever skated” line. What the fuck is that about? No Randy and I never skated. We just put together this zine and site because we want to look cool. Doofus. So you were born in 79? I’ve been skating 2 years longer than you’ve been alive. And yes, we’ve all got wives and kids and jobs and we all still skate, so get over yourself.


  3. good for him for backing up his creation

  4. but he also needs to remember that any press is good press.. i almost signed up from the negative review to check it out.
    but now? um maybe

  5. Yeah Colin, that’s cause you’re a media whore!

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