Skate News Roundup: October Week 2

News Roundup

Man this is tedious. There are a few good one though, such as taking notice of the skate-church movement. Does anyone care about these types of posts? Am I wasting my time? Let me know please.


MTV Announces ROB & BIG – Life Of Skateboard Pro Rob Dyrdek And Bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin

Discover The Unpredictable Lives Of Skateboard Pro Rob Dyrdek & Best Friend/Bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. Meet MTVs modern-day odd couple as the network premieres ROB & BIG, a new reality comedy series starring professional street skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard and best friend, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin.

Uh yeah. Scraping the bottom of the barrel on programing ideas are we? Is Rob even that popular anymore?

Bizarre sports focus of Spike TV’s ‘World’

The upcoming comedic action series “Wild World of Spike” from Spike TV plans to offer viewers a variety of bizarre sporting events beginning next year. When the seven-part series begins airing in January on the cable TV network, show execs will present their viewers with several wild international sporting events which its three hosts will attempt to reenact, a Spike TV news release said. The half-hour original series will be headed by the unlikely trio of martial arts fighter Kit Cope, skateboarding icon Jason Ellis and comedian Sam Tripoli.

See the Rob Dyrdek story. Way to stay employed Mr. Ellis.

From CBS affiliate KWTX:
HOT Fair & Rodeo In Full Swing Friday

New attractions this year include a three-ton sand sculpture, a life-size butter sculpture, an interactive sports exhibit, a bikes, inline skates and skateboard extreme show and new creative arts competitions and displays.

Extreme skateboarding shows and extreme sand sculptures.

From the Tracy Press:
Get extreme in Tracy

Airborne skaters and BMX bikers accompanied by punk and alternative melodies will rock El Pescadero Skate Park this weekend for Tracy’s second Extreme Sports Day, arranged by the city’s Department of Parks and Community Services.

Isn’t “Get extreme in Tracy” the name of the film that got Traci Lords into trouble?”

From the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle: Greece schools ban hats and limits cell phone and skateboard use

Hats, head scarves and do-rags are a thing of the past in the Greece Central School District.

Blah blah blah. Pretty boring except for the awesome illustration.

Skateboard as getaway vehicle:

Skateboarder stabs man in fight

A man standing in front of a bar on Newport Avenue was stabbed Thursday night after getting into a fight with a man on a skateboard.


Skateboarding Injuries/Fatalaties

From the Kansas City MO KMBC-TV:
12-year-old boy struck by truck while skateboarding on Ky. 146

A woman in an SUV fled after hitting a man on a skateboard in the 2600 block of Van Brunt Boulevard, police said.

From the Louisville KY Courier Journal:
12-year-old boy struck by truck while skateboarding on Ky. 146

A 12-year-old boy was hit by a truck yesterday while he was riding a skateboard on Ky.146 in LaGrange, authorities said. The boy, whose name was not released, was flown to University Hospital in Louisville with head injuries, said Sgt. Russell Rouff, a spokesman for LaGrange police… The boy was not wearing a helmet or other protective gear, Rouff said.Many children skateboard on city streets because there’s no skate park.

I’m not so sure that a helmet would help being struck by a truck, and building a skatepark isn’t going to keep them off the streets either.

From the Omaha NBC affiliate WOWT:
Skateboarding Accident: Teen was involved in school, well-liked

The family of 13-year-old D.J. Epperson says the teenager has died after a weekend skateboarding accident. The teenager suffered a head injury… Bellevue police say Epperson was not wearing a helmet when the accident happened. Dr. John Andresen says it is important to get children to protect themselves even if they don’t like wearing helmets.

Very unfortunate. Another reason to wear a helmet.
Alterenate Links: Bellevue Leader KETV News

Christians, but not Hosoi

From the October 8, 2006 Houston Chronicle:
Busting Moves, Bowing Heads

“I look in the audience like I brought my family out here – black people, white people, Hispanic people, Asian people. Let’s show the world what heaven’s going to look like!”

How can I make fun of this?

Young Evangelicals Skateboard for Jesus

“”This (Christian) army will have no viable opponent. It aims to destroy everything that it is not,” Sandler believes.”

Even Islam is noticing skateboarders.


From the October 10, 2006 Inside Bay Area: Local skateboard company aims to save the planet

The idea for the eco-friendly skateboard company came about in 1998 when Salfi and fellow founder Jonathan Reese began to experiment with the premise of building a high-performance skateboard with sustainable materials.

It’s about Comet Skateboards, and I don’t have anything bad to say about them. So check ’em out.

Mistah FAB Creates Skateboard Wheel With Hubba Wheels

Rapper Mistah FAB has taken the success of his Yellow Bus movement in the Bay Area and parlayed it into a deal to get his own skateboard wheel, the first of its kind for a rapper. Hubba Wheels, which is owned by Thrasher Magazine owner Tony V, has teamed up with Mistah FAB for the Yellow Bus skateboard wheel, cross-marketing the rapper’s popular in hip-hop into the skateboard world.

Great. A rapper I’ve never heard of has wheels on a company that is lame. I didn’t know Hubba was owned by Fausto’s son. That would explain a lot. What the hell Is Baller Status? I guess I am not what the kids call “Down”


From the October 8 2006 Cape Breton Post: Skateboard sites mostly cheered by residents

Skateboarding is a “growing phenomena” for those who prefer non-team sports and is a “good sport to watch,” said one person at the hearing. No one opposed the idea of skateboard parks the city is proposing to build in West Seattle and elsewhere, but some wanted locations a bit farther from their homes.

Yes! Let the parade of red tape begin!

From the October 8 2006 Cape Breton Post: Coxheath Skateboard Park Nearing Completion

The radest skatepark for the sickest boarders is getting closer to completion.

Ok great. Where the hell is Sydney, Nova Scotia? And why is the picture of the cute Parks mom so small?

From the October 11, 2006 Wyoming New Age Examiner: Skateboarding ordinance attracts crowd

Councilman Paul Gardner said he had been apprised of state legislation that removed liability for municipalities in such matters where participants were warned of “extreme risks,” and the borough needed to seriously consider the idea. They agreed to study the matter further.


From the October 6, 2006 Sentinel Online:
Supervisors Rethinking Skate Park

“It’s just something to do,” Sage said outside of the township building Thursday.

Way to win ’em over kid!


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