Pier Park Deep End Star.

Pier Park Star

I don’t know what this kids name is (Now I do. It’s Willis.) or where he is from. He split before I remembered to ask him. I do know that he was tearing it up. He’s supposed to email me so I can send him some pictures. More after the jump

I took a few others today too, and spoke to some whose names (Brett, Matt, Jeneene, Chad) I did get. I’ll post them tomorrow. Until then, does anyone know this kid’s name? (Yes. It’s Willis Kimbel. See the comments.)
Pier Park Star

Pier Park Star

This was some sort of half-cab thing. I can’t tell looking through the lens at the time.
Pier Park Star


  1. We decided that was a gay-twist, no grab on the caballerial. Kid said he would be a around, that he had moved here to be by the park. This boy’s an eskimo, folks are gonna come from all over.

  2. chris nukala on October 22, 2006 - Reply

    thats willis from the east coast but hes livein here now

  3. yup, willis kimbel, son of kurt kimbel, you may or may not remember kurt’s name from some old 70’s Skateboarder mags.

  4. Didn’t his dad ride for Bad Company back in the day? I seem to remember some psuedo-gangster ad in Skateboarder magazine with Kurt Kimbel et al.

  5. Check out

    You have to scroll down. There’s a link to one of the boards.

    “Bad Co. Curt Kimbel — Bad Co. was a short-lived manufacturer who signed up a ton of big names right before the bottom fell out of the skate market in 1980-81. Some might remember their Skateboarder ads featuring pros dressed up like 1930s gangsters, posing in smoke filled rooms. Curt Kimbel was probably the biggest name to line up with Bad Co., having won a number of slalom competitions and downhill races. He was also a damn good pool skater. This Bad Co. Kimbel model features a classic pig shape, with a glossy black glassed top and bottom, and nicely executed wheel wells. These are REALLY REALLY rare boards, and especially in NOS condition! REALLY, have you seen one?”

    Also, there’s this:

  6. Curt Kimbel on October 27, 2009 - Reply

    Will is the real deal, a born to skate kid who skates anything with a smile on his face. His dad was one of the original pool and pipe skaters.

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