Naked Raygun 10/19/06


Yup, they played a warm-up gig for Riot Fest at a place called The Cobra Lounge in Chicago last Thursday. I didn’t go, but apparently it was a great show. Setlist after the jump. Thanks to Shacklemenot for the images.



  1. WTF they couldnt play Treason?

  2. Where’s the pic from?

  3. House of Neil on October 22, 2006 - Reply

    from the show. I’ll post more if I get permission from the guy that took ’em. He has video too.

  4. ShackleMeNot on October 23, 2006 - Reply

    I think the reason they didn’t do treason was because of all the drama with Haggerty and Pegboy playing a show earlier in the week without Pierre. Plus it’s a 2 guitar song and Jeff’s just not up to it these days.

  5. So Jeff’s playing guitar with NR now? What’s the current lineup?

  6. …does that mean Haggerty is not in this Naked Raygun? To me it isn’t Naked Raygun without that guy…he was always on guitar at the shows I remember best…

  7. ShackleMeNot on October 24, 2006 - Reply

    Lineup: (in the style of their liner notes)

    Jeff Pezzati – Voice
    Pierre Kedzy – Bass Implement
    Bill Stephens – Guitar
    Eric Spicer – Drums and Joyriding.

    The show was amazing, and yes I do prefer John’s guitarwork, especially since I know the guy, but I was 5 when he left the band. I’ll see them any chance I can get, and besides, Jeff is the only original member in there.

  8. House of Neil on October 24, 2006 - Reply

    that’s OK. That’s the lineup from the last album: the best they ever recorded, as anybody with a brain knows.

  9. Neil, you have brain damage. I’ve recently come to really appreciate that album, but Throb Throb is almost universally recognized as their best.

  10. House of Neil on October 27, 2006 - Reply

    universally? What, you mean by you? Throb Throb sounds like what it was: a compilation of early tracks made into an album. There is no flow to the album. It has some great stuff, and it has some terrible stuff.

    And Pezzati is with me. he thinks the last album is their strongest too.

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