Good Vibes, Pier Park Rules.

Shawn Reinert

I don’t know how this park compares to the new Upland, but the consensus around PDX is that we have a world class park. More pictures later. This is just to tide you over. That’s Shawn Reinert airing out of the pipe into the deep end. Click it to make him big.

Here’s a blurry shot. I was not on my game. I forgot this guys name, but I know someone who knows his name. I’m tired.Pier Park


  1. must have more photos please

  2. doppler5 on October 15, 2006 - Reply

    I heard PDX’s new park was in the ghetto. True?

  3. fuckin shane over the mouse
    this park unbeliveable to have gone from old pier to this im speachless thanks SPS

  4. Pier Park is worth traveling to. IT ROCKS!

    In fact it’s like the old upland only better. Dreamland smooth!

    Nice to meet you, and thanks for the photos!

  5. I’ll be there Nov. 5th. How ’bout hookin’ a brotha up with some dry weather?
    Can ya work on that for me?

  6. dick head on October 15, 2006 - Reply

    Upland was redone by Purkiss Rose with the help of Steve Alba. Did they do anything different or anything with a little imagination?
    I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW TIGARD OREGON HAS MONEY FOR A PARK. THEY ALSO HAVE GOD DAMN DESIGNS FROM PURKISS ROSE and what are we going to do about it? I don’t want another chit purkiss rose park built in the awesome state.
    Purkiss rose chit parks already built in Oregon include Clackamette park and Tualatin, check it out. Those are parks built by that coock, and there’s more coming from that punk.
    Dan Plaza is with parks and rec with Tigard. It’s up to some of us to STOP Purkiss rose from collecting another check from me any you with our hard earned tax dollars.
    And SPS you need to help also. You told me it’s Skater for “Portland” Skateparks, not Tigard, Well, KOOK Tigard is part of Portland mucker. Tigard has over $400,000 to build a park and bidding for the park is coming up….
    That sounds like a huge motha mucking park. And to all you Oregon tax paying skaters, Do YOU WAnt some California kook park builder to take our money and build some chit park and run back to cali to rejuvinate there economy?
    It’s up to all of us to put a stop to chit park builders with no imagination and who don’t skate the real.
    Thank you, I had a great time at Pier, It’s awesome and I like the “Granite” in the street section.

  7. In the ghetto? Sort a near a real crappy part of town, but not tin the ghetto proper.

    Purkiss Rose? Aaarrgh! Perhaps you’d draw more people to your cause if you weren’t named Dick Head, and didn’t call SPS people Kooks. Maybe we can get SPS to write and advisory letter or makea phone call or two to Dan

  8. looking forward to making it out. more photos kilwag?

  9. Hey dick head,

    Of course SPS will help as we can. You have to know we were all exhausted after the last couple of weeks of getting ready for the opening day event, getting the tshirts finished, sleeping in the park to keep the vandals out, and working the merch booth. Sorry if we seemed unresponsive or flippant. Four of us have borne a large part of the advocacy work over the past five years on behalf of Portland skaters. We have had a lot of help from our friends but we are a little burnt out on advocacy.

    Time for some other folks to step up. Get some respectable folks together and meet with your city councillor, your parks bureau, your police about providing this needed resource for their citizens.

    Use the Skaters for Portland Skateparks site as a resource: used to have a letter talking about why P-R parks are bad.

    Skaters for Public Skateparks is another good resource.

    Be aware that there is some sympathy out there for the view that Dreamland and Grindline are too creative and that building a more conventional civic-plaza style park might be better left to the people who already do that sort of thing.

    I think the argument is that that stuff is easy and good skating terrain is hard and best left to experts like Dreamland.

    You can do it. Just stick with it.

  10. Congrats to all who were involved in making Pier happen.
    Now I have yet another reason to move back/visit Portland. Thanks fellas!

    (Shawn makes it look so easy, the jerk…)

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