Fake-Vomiting Skaters Intolerable, Businesses to Engage in Sissy-Fight

Skater Fake Vomits. Business Owners freak

Council meeting begins, ends with skateboard issues seems innocuous right? Well, some business owners in Bradford County Florida are butting heads with local skateboarders, with one incident culminating in a fake barfing display. Ahh… what a gold mine. First off, there is the obvious comedy value in fake vomit, reminiscent of the scene in Repo Man where the old lady yells at Otto to pick up the trash can he just drove into. You pick it up! Could this just be civil disobedience in the face of the quagmire of red tape bogging down the local skatepark planning process? We can only hope so. Slightly more disturbing is nuisance tax proposed by the offended businesses who want to legislate the wearing of helmet and pads so that more fines could be levied against skaters. Read how an unruly teenager put the Annoy in Skate and Annoy after the jump, plus more fake vomit than you ever knew existed.

Here’s the text taken from the Bradford County Telegraph article titled Skateboards Bracketed Tuesday Night’s Keystone Heights City Council Meeting.

As the meeting began, three representatives from downtown businesses told the skateboarders had become intolerable. Two of women said they now feared for their safety and the safety of their customers. One reported that a teenager entered her business and spewed soda on the floor, pretending to vomit. Another said she had been cursed or accosted by the group, comprised mostly of young men.

One businessperson said she had witnessed a mother driving her son into the area and dumping the kid, with a “See ya later,” as she drove off.

Mayor Mary Lou Hildreth said she had observed the growing crowd downtown, and had discussed the issue with Clay County Sheriff Rick Beselor, but, except for more deputies on-site, the Sheriff had no solutions and no conclusions were reached.

The business people said deputies told them more measures should be added to the town’s skateboard ordinance, such as a requirement that all skateboarders must wear knee pads and helmets when riding on public property. This would allow more opportunities to ticket the skateboarders for infractions, they explained. The business owners also discussed hiring off-duty sheriff’s officers to patrol the area in the afternoons and early evenings.

At the end of the meeting, councilwoman Michelle Curtis said that planning and preparations to begin the skateboard park had again stalled. The council’s liaison to Parks and Recreation, Curtis cited an unclear and unfinished task she believed was to have been completed by Gordon Smith, the city engineer.
Hildreth expressed some irritation that more progress toward construction had not been made. Before the meeting ended, the mayor said she would assume responsibility to call the engineer and take other direct actions to move the project forward.

And now on to the fake vomit extravaganza we spoke of earlier.

Fake Vomit Extravaganza

Who knew there were so many types of fake vomit? Google even has sponsored searches for fake vomit. The kid who allegedly faked his own barfing really did kind of a half-assed job, spewing soda instead of using some of the more authentic fluids like vegetable soup or other more artistic methods.

And lastly, here’s a guy by the name of Barf who takes skate pictures.

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  1. The council’s liaison to Parks and Recreation, Curtis cited an unclear and unfinished task she believed was to have been completed by Gordon Smith, the city engineer.

    I remember back when a name like Gordon Smith was actually good for skateboarding.

  2. …and cue rim shot. I can’t believe I passed that up!

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