Danny Way to Kick Tony Hawk’s Ass?

Tony HAwk Danny Way  skate game

Retarded UK video game magazine Edge declares Danny Way better than Tony Hawk. Well, at least it does in a short magazine graphic. The article is about an upcoming Danny Way video game called “Skate” which is also supposed to be Better than Tony Hawk.

So some nerds at Playstatic.com noticed that some other nerds had scanned an article from Edge Magazine about how the new video game franchise under development with Danny Way as the selling point will be better than Tony Hawk’s. If the title of the new game is anything to go by, Tony can rest easy at night. I mean really, Does Danny even have a gratuitous website named after himself? I think not! Scroll down to see the chart.

Danny vs Hawk Video game

Danny vs Hawk Video game

Danny vs Hawk Video game


  1. House of Neil on October 12, 2006 - Reply

    Tony Hawk all the way. Danny Way’s just a dumb jock. Glorified stuntman. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Why should i tell you? on January 30, 2007 - Reply

    I think Christian Hosoi is better that Hawk and Way.

  3. way is gay

  4. i am better than all of them

    my best trick is a 720 mcTwist

  5. borat on April 5, 2007 - Reply

    i have sexy time with my mother inlaw

  6. Danny way is way better then freakin Tony Hawk! I’m not rippen on tony he’s a phenomenal skate board and i mean no disrespect for the guy but danny way is a god. The guys amazing i want to see tony hawk do half the crap he’s done theres no way he couldn’t do it. Plus did you watch the x games 2 years ago danny’s knee was all screwed up and he just kept going and still got the gold on the mega ramp! Danny said “I don’t get off the ramp until I have to crawl off” there’s some dedication the guys amazing! I hat video games but if i didn’t i would deffinitly buy danny’s game but I think I’ll just go skate and let you fags sit here and glorify tony hawk.

  7. If any of you want to discuss it in more detail e-mail me.

  8. houseofneil on May 31, 2007 - Reply

    you’re an idiot.

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