Beaverton Man Assaults NW PDX Bank to Wall


It’s true, I was there. His name was Jason Beaudry and he was assaulting that bank to wall with some wallrides. First, he started with a normal backside wallride. Oh yeah, get your bs wallride as high as you can and then move on to another trick.

Way to make that wall, that already has a low self-esteem (wheel marks not hot right now), feel even more worthless. Jerk. Anyway he then hits a wallride to fakie. Oh, but that still isn’t good enough. “I’m going to try a switch wallride fakie, and I’m going to try and hit that no skateboarding sign.” Oh well let’s just see it then Mr. Fancy Pants.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Choke. Oh, you’re going to try it again. Ok, go ahead, I only have 4 more hours until I need to leave. Let’s just see you make it. Go on, make your little switch wallride fakie. Be the big man your daddy always wanted you to be.


Whatever. let’s go, I want some lunch.


  1. Riding right over the “No Skateboarding” sign is a nice touch!

    Happy first post!

  2. That bank to wall is sweet. I’ve meant to check it out but never knew it was noed. Now where am I supposed to ride my bike or go rollerskating?

  3. House of Neil on October 3, 2006 - Reply

    fuckin’ ‘ell! Did he make that tweaked wallride to fakie??

  4. he bailed the tweaked out one. he was on the way down, and the board went up. thus yoga’ed. the bottom was a make.

  5. Bailed?!!? What is that I’m feeling? I remember it as a child… oh yeah! It’s like finding out there is no Santa.

  6. well…………if you read the text, the photos kind of go along with it (see “Choke.”) geeeeeeshh. don’t make me get bitchy.

  7. Leave it to an old school Dundee boy to tear it up!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Where are those banks tell me i want to skate them gyptsey no seriously email me back.

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