Tony! Toni! Toné! in Missoula

Tony Hawk In Missoula Montana Skate Park

Rounding out three gratuitous Tony Hawk posts in a row is this chronologically challenged bit on his appearance at the grand opening of the Missoula Montana skate park. Now that we’ve got an insider or two (Photo Credits: Top left – Bryan Southard Bottom – Chris Swan AKA Bone Man), I don’t have to poach pics from the newspaper web sites, but I will anyway. More pics and links, including The Grind That Never Was after the jump.

First off. Lets get the newspaper stuff out of the way. Starting with the New West Missoula The caption on the picture below reads

Skateboarding superstar Tony Hawk grinds for an estimated 8,000 people at the grand opening of the Missoula Skatepark Sunday. Photo by Darren Guyaz. For more of Darren’s photos, check out this photo gallery.

Sure…That’s one hell of a grind.

Tony Hawk in Missoula Montana

Hey, He’s sensitive…

Tony Hawk in Missoula Montana

Next we have the Missoula Independent’s story titled The Hawk has been landed. That’s probably the first time that phrase has been used in conjunction with Tony, don’t you think? They report

“Get a good seat because we’re coming in hot,” Hawk wrote in a recent e-mail interview with the Independent.

Missoula Independent? Doesn’t Hawk ride Fury? Oh stop it. You’re slaying me. I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard.

Also reporting is The Missoulian Online, (where they don’t capitalize their headlines) adding Halfpipe hero Tony Hawk to help christen new skatepark and the worst title ever, Park and ride with photo below by Photo by Linda Thompson/Missoulian

Tony Hawk Missoula Montana Skate park

An estimated crowd of 8,000 people of all ages showed up to celebrate the park’s grand opening, watch a few of the world’s best professional skaters catch some mighty air, and take a ride themselves in the $750,000 state-of-the-art park

8000 or 10,000 plus spectators as reported by Either way, that’s an assload of people, and apparently a few of them brought a camera. There are way too may pictures of this event available. Here’s a few links:

Way to go Missoula Skatepark Association. See you next summer. Montana is the new Idaho, which was the new Oregon.


  1. Tony Hawk overload… hull breach imminent…

  2. I’m here to put the Annoy in Skate and Annoy!

  3. You certainly do a good job sir. going to Astoria Sunday, what are you and Grover doing?

  4. I heard. Grover has to work, I have to paint my attic. It’s Nerdberg for me.

  5. That IS and assload of people. Tony Hawk is bigger than Elvis but he doesn’t even get coverage in any shoe catalogues – I mean skate mags. Who’s not with the times? Would Golf Digest leave out Tiger Woods? There’s a new one “the Tiger Woods of skateboarding”. Woooopdidydoo!!!

  6. rodney hiatt on November 2, 2006 - Reply

    he it was nice to see u in missoula for the grand opening of the new skate i uese it quiet often and just to drive by it will alwise remind me that u where here weel thanks for dooing missoula a good deed

  7. rodney hiatt says:

    November 2nd, 2006 at 1:01 pm |
    he it was nice to see u in missoula for the grand opening of the new skate i uese it quiet often and just to drive by it will alwise remind me that u where here weel thanks for dooing missoula a good deed

    Uese? Quiet? Alwise? Weel? Dooing?

    Jesus christ, make missoulians look like kindergarten drop outs why don’t ya?

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