Hello St. Louis!


The Didjits did indeed, rock the nation. This was from their only Champaign Illinois appearance after their reunion for the Touch And Go 25th anniversary show. The crowd packed the High Dive even though it was an early show. Instead of the crowd feeling threatened, which was a common occurrence at early Didjits gigs, everyone seemed to be in awe that they were witnessing the Didjits again, on their home turf, and possibly for the last time. This is part one of two installments.

NO problems with cameras, still or video. The only problem was that the show didn’t go all night. No, they aren’t a Christian band now. Rick Sims had joked to friends of the band that along with giving up drink and drugs (true), all Didjits songs would have the lyrics changed to sing the praises of Jesus (not true). Hence Who’s ready to get high?! would now be sung as Who’s ready to get saved? So Steve B made up the logo and Scary made the shirts. Doug Evans, the Didjit formerly known as Mr Grubby and currently the only Didjit with a giant open-mouthed snake head tattooed under his jaw suggested Who’s ready to get old! When asked if they would be performing any songs recorded by late-era drummers, Rick’s brother and original drummer Bradley “Wayne” Sims replied “No, we’re only going to play the good Didjits songs.”

Didjits live at the High Dive in Champaign Il.


  1. Do you have a rundown of “who’s who” faces that I would remember? Who showed up? Bryce? Lars? Any chicks we used to bang, want to bang on, or make cry on the front porch of their own party?

  2. Uh… this is a conversation better suited for offline, because some of those people will be checking this site and will be happy to learn that you haven’t changed any over the years…

  3. whatever, anybody else got any info for me? I miss these people…

  4. Bryce was in Chicago, Lars was at both. Ward in C-U. Ravi at both, Chris Greene at both.

  5. I believe that I qualify for the “chicks we want to bang on” catagory.
    Of course I was and will always be on the top of all your lists. With that said I can attest to my ever growing beauty and bossom, and can confidently declare that any fantasies about my rockin 40+ self would most defenetly be topped by reality.

    ‘and the crowd scremed Laura’s left breast and I want Randy’s candy (or something like that!)’

    I am cool, hear me roar, I am TED.

  6. Hey Ted, Didn’t know you were reading this! Take a bow. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the only female member of Ten Shitty Guys.

  7. […] Now that we know where Andy O’Neil is… What? You didn’t hear? I ran into him at the Didjits reunion show in Champaign. He works with at risk kids or possiblt troublemakers in a CU high school. I meant to get his contact info but in the distraction of seeing the Didjits and about 50 other faces that came out of the woodwork, I forgot to get it. […]

  8. CUMadManinSTL on August 10, 2009 - Reply

    Sorry I missed them in Chicago and of all places High Dive. Oh well, its not home anymore. Anyway, nice ‘zine Kilwag, all the skate kids looked up to you and those were fun days in CU.

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