Chicago’s Famous Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach

In the 80’s Oak St Beach was a hot spot for street skaters, and the closest Midwest flesh parade there was to Miami’s South Beach today. I don’t know if you’re still allowed to skate there because it rained while I was in Chicago. What you get instead is this tourist approximation of Oak Street Beach in the form of a crappy theme sports bar at Chicago’s Midway Airport. Awesome hubba ledge shot after the jump.

A beach for skating? Well, kind of like Venice Beach, kind of not. If you’ve never been there, there is relatively little sand on the lakefront in that area. There are vast stretches of concrete and ledges that make it more like swimming off a pier than a beach. Let’s not forget the massive piles of rocks. In any case, it’s miles of concrete that line the whole thing.

Right. Don’t forget about the stupid frat guys who are equally at home on Oak Street Beach as they are in their tie-dyed idiocy right here. This ledge thingy with a railing on top is actually made of concrete and might be fun to skate if it was lower to the ground. What exactly is a hubba ledge and how was that term coined? This is a lame post. This trip turned out to be a bust in more ways than one.

Oak Street Beach Hubba


  1. Hubba ledge refers to a large ledge going down stairs after the famous Hubba Hideout ledge in San Francisco.

  2. OK then. That’s good to know so I can be, how do you kids say it? Dope? Down? Cool?

    Seriously though. Thanks.

  3. You’ve got to lose the pads and the coffin shaped deck first in order to be cool.

  4. Sure, Why don’t I learn to skate handrails while I’m at it. Just like George Foreman’s comeback, Aint gonna happen.

    Just what I feared. It must be only me and people I know reading this..

  5. you could make the lean mean kilwag grilling machine!

  6. 13 yr old boy on September 13, 2006 - Reply

    hey mr., do you know where i could get a board with a cigar band inspired graphic with a weird skull with a beard on it. i was at zumiez yesterday and i heard some other kid talking about how cigar bands, beards, and skulls are way in now. thanks.

  7. Why yes. Yes, I do little boy. I will tell you.. Tomorrow.

  8. Ask and you shall receive.

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