25 Years of Touch and Go. Thanks For Nothing!

Touch and Go Records 25th anniversary

Nothing beats traveling 2,000 miles to take a photograph only to be told you can’t bring your camera in and there are no more photo passes available. Never mind that I contacted the label weeks in advance, explaining that I was traveling to Chicago from Portland in order to photograph The Didjits reunion show for an upcoming article in Razorcake Magazine. I wasn’t asking to get for free, I already bought my pass. I just wanted to be sure I could get in with my camera. It’s not like these guys reform with the original (or any) lineup every day. I was told by the Touch and Go employee that I would not need a photo pass to get in with my digital SLR. Getting to the gate I was denied access with the camera. WTF!??!!

What’s with labels and promoters preventing people from taking pictures anyway? I understand it when a greedy shell of a band like the Misfits does it because they are desperately trying to milk it for every last penny, but Touch And Go? The label famous for the original handshake record contract? Seems like they have lost touch with their roots. “We’re all out of photo passes” is nothing but an arbitrary excuse. So thanks for nothing guys. Glad I tried to take care of everything in advance. Next time I’ll just sneak one in.

Fortunately, being able to see the Didjits perform again was worth the flight out there. I’m glad I didn’t have to sell the Didjits story to make my rent. There were a lot of other great bands out there, Pegboy and Big Black being at the top of my list. Others included Negative Approach, Scratch Acid, Man or Astroman, and Shellac. The atmosphere was jovial, the crowd was friendly, and the beer was reasonably priced and cold. It was hard to stay pissed for long. Two day later I am remembering how, obviously.

So I didn’t bring a cheapo camera to get shots of the other acts. If anyone has any shots I’d love to post them. Send them in and I’ll provide a photo credit and a web link to wherever you want. If anyone has any decent shots of the Didjits please contact me about the possibility of using them for the Razorcake article. I’m not getting paid, and you probably won’t either, but you’ll be providing a service for tans of the band, something I thought ws the providence of Touch and Go.

Seriously, aside from all my bitching, I would like to post some shots from the shows if anyone has any. I will refrain from T&G bashing too.


  1. Bummer! That sucks. So did the Didjits do “Killboy Powerhead?” I thought it was weird that The Offspring covered that tune a couple of years after they released it.

  2. Kilboy was second song played. Rick thanks his lucky stars that the Offspring decided to cover that song cause they didn’t get permission first and had to cough up a pretty penny when their album skyrocketed. Paid for most or all of Rick’s house. He wrote the song and owns the copyright, but he kicked down some money to the other guys anyway.

  3. you tube has a bunch of vid from the show.

  4. somthing about the captain and the suck the cum outta my ass thing they rocked sat was the best day

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