Wacky Electric Hybrid

BMW Streetcarver-Usurfer hybrid

The plot thickens! Digging a little deeper than the not-so-skateboard-obsessed Gizmodo, I came across the UK based parent company for the USurfer. (U Suffer? Har har..) named Urban Mover. Remember the BMW Streetcarver? Well apparently Urban Mover does. They offer not one, but two models based on Streetcarver over-engineering.

Urban Mover makes all kinds of hippie-shit electric powered personal movers from skateboards to bicycles and scooters. What happened to the Streetcarver? The web site is down, so I guess nobody wanted to spend $500 on a heavy sled of a skateboard with proprietary trucks. With the USurfer you don’t have to worry about the weight. All you have to worry about is the embarrassment of riding what looks like an electric wheelieboard. Speaking of, Why can’t I find a picture of that infamous extra-truck on the kicktail plastic skateboard? A little help please!

USurfer Electric BMW Streetcarver hybrid


  1. Champagne will cascade from the heavens! I have been going nutso looking for replacement tires for my StreetCarver! I hope these babies fit! Oh yeah, I “borrowed” the above image for my StreetCarver page! Thanks!
    Kelly Doke

  2. Hello, good afternoon. I wonder what the cost of the skateboard. If you got an electric skateboard list with photos and also shipping to Argentina / Buenos Aires. regards

  3. yo German. i got your pics and prices here on this page just search for “rod dydek fantasy factory” on this site and ask rob to email you the spread sheet.

    lets go electric skateboarding sometime

  4. talentlessquitter on September 23, 2011 - Reply

    Heey,another reference to a Napalm Death song!

    …Your name is German and you’re in Argentina? Tell grandpa I want my bicycle back.

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