Gus Van Sant vs. Larry Clark

Gus Van Sant casting for skateboarders Article in the Oregonian

In today’s Oregonian there is an article on yesterday’s casting call for the new Gus Van Sant film Paranoid Park. Has anyone seen Wassup Rockers? Kids left a bad taste in my mouth so I avoided Whassup Rockers like the plague. Even though the Wassup PR people kept sending us crap and Chad Muska and Roger Ebert both gave it a thumbs up, it seemed like it had the potential to be another creepy exploitive movie. Paranoid Park involves some young skaters and an incident at a local skatepark where some rough kids hang out. Guess which park they are filming at?

It’s Burnside. Duh! Hopefully life will not imitate art imitating life. Err.. What? That is to say, the production crew better be ready to appease the locals or they will run the risk of getting jacked out of the park. I offer this advice for appeasement: It comes in red, white and blue cans that can be bought in groups of 6, 12, and 24. Gus, I’d opt for the 24 count boxes if I were you.

Right. Back to the article in the Oregonian. Here’s a preview of it. Even though it was written by a guy with the unfortunate name of Stephen Beaven (for reals?) It’s light on the usual references to “Dude” and “Gnarly” and of course, “Extreme!” You can read it if you jump through the annoying hoop of giving them a little census bureau type info.

Gus Van Sant casting for skateboarders Article in the Oregonian


  1. Yeah Im gonna be in this movie as a gutterpunk..Larrys from my hometown in Tulsa. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about..Wassup Rockers doesnt exploit anyone, neither did kids..It gave those kids an opportunity to make cash, acting as themselves but following a script. You kids are dumb .. You think you have all the answers but you dont know shit about film making..Skate videos are way gayer than anything gus or Larry have released..You all wish you were in a movie rather than a gay ass skate video..You guys make skateboarding sound like football..You guys are a bunch a fags..Come to burnside, and Ill stab all you motherfuckers by my fucking self..Fuck off!

  2. Waaaah!

    Kids was way creepy. You can’t deny that. I think you missed the point of this post.

    Actually, you’re the one making skateboarding sound like football. Dumb jocks are the guys who usually threaten people over a difference in opinion, appearances, etc.

  3. Oh really. You couldnt argue your way out of a plastic bag. Your opinion is skaters being territorial and threatening so yeah I would threaten someone who makes gerneralizations on the behalf of a demographic that you dont even identify with. creepy? what is “creepy”. youre just straight up dumb as fuck! where are you from anyways? I dont think there was a point to this post. Gus Van Sant donated 5000 dollars to burnside. What the fuck are you talking about. ?you should do your research before you go off on a subject that has nothing to do with you..”Appearances” etc” What the FUCK are you talking about? this is a goddamn website dummy! Only an idiot like you would take threats over the computer seriously..Yeah buddy..Its cause of the way you look.. You are too fucking stupid..Give me your address so I can come over and kick your teeth in..I bet you dont have any.

  4. Wow. Again. Re-read the post. It doesn’t diss Gus at all. It just says I hope the movie is better than “Kids” and I haven’t seen Wassup Rockers cause “kids” was kind of creepy. Nowhere does it say Gus is creepy, or Paranoid Park is exploitive, nowwhere.

    I don’t identify with skaters? That must be why I waste so much time making this web site, photographing skaters, helping out Skaters for Portland Skateparks… yeah. Do your own research before you blow up at someone who doesn’t agree with you.

    This is tedious. If you have some intellegent arguements or opinions besides “you are dumb as fuck” then feel free to respond. Otherwise you can find another place to annoy people.

  5. I thought that is how you were supposed to behave for this site..? its called skate and annoy..not skate and be nice..Here you are being territorial again..Why call a website skate and annoy if you want everyone to be nice and considerate?

  6. Ok. You are right. I am wrong. How’s that?

  7. You persist on having the last word. But,yes, that is fine. Wassup Rockers is one of the best movies I saw last seek.

  8. Last word.

    Ha ha. I’ll check it out.

  9. I believe the “annoy” part is generally directed to authority figures which finger skateboarding as a crime and generally give good kids a hard time. I havent skated in years but a few dirty curbs is a small price to pay for the rewards of the sport. In my hometown they cut most of the curbs with diagonal lines so that if anyone did try something they would bite it hard. lets keep the hate directed where it belongs- those assholes.

    now go do something nice and considerate 😛
    (and Kids is exploitative- softcore kiddie porn :P)

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